Modi has guts to take Actions which Hurts the Cheapo Leftists

Goddess Laksmi is Happy with Modi Sarkaar, coz he did ‘Tantra’ Pooja of wearing a 10 lakh Suit which burnt the Gandhiwaadis-Samajwaadis with Jealousy,

just like a ‘Bali’.also Modi Sarkar has shown guts to save Spicejet, reducing Aviation Fuel cost below Diesel, saved Jobs of beautiful Air-Hostesses. !

Pleasing Air-Hostess will please Lakshmi

Like ‘Tantra Pooja’, Goddess Lakshmi will be Pleased, Oil,Gold,China all will drop,

BJP will never become 44 seats Ranting,Sulking ‘Daridra’ like Congress !

Congress failed to save KingFisher.! but now Modi must ‘Kick out, Disrespect’ 44 seats ‘Bhikhaari’ Congressis

like Ram did to ‘Maarichi’ Demon, who was Out there to Disrupt Growth ‘Yajna’.
Not Kicking out ‘Maarichi’ Demons displeases,Lakshmi, Poverty comes .

Air Hostess Uphold Dharma

Reason I Love Air-Hostesses  Both Indigo-Spicejet Air Hostesses have done this to this Demoness, modern day “Tadaka” Sagarika  !

BJP leaders may turn weak in Delhi forgetting how Lord Ram/Hanuman used to handle Demoness,

but Air-Hostesses Uphold “Dharma” ! Reason i think Modi ji will revive Jet Airways too, though its founder Naresh Goel is a real ********** !

Promoting High Value things generate jobs for Classes and Masses both

For NOTA voters attention,

UDAAAN scheme will generate Jobs for Air-Hostesses and Pilots, mostly Upper Castes !

General Category need very few Jobs. R&D,Sports,Security,High-Tech etc should care of all General Category. Trust Modi ji & BJP !

 Congress ideology will turn everyone   into MNREGA Wage earners, including Vijay Mallaya (Jail Wages !)
 When Bolywood Villain “Thakur” like myself is not scared of SC-ST act, how come those who neither employ or engage with Dalits are so much scared !
All laws by Nehruvian system were made against “Thakurs” only !

Move-On from Congressi politics. It can only Weaken from within. Generate more Pakistanis and turn you into MNREGA wage earners !

Crony Capitalists must be punished like a ‘Bali’ to Goddess Lakshmi

“Modi ji Crony Capitalists ki bali chhadate hain Devi Lakshmi ke saamne,tadpaate hain” !

Rs 6000 cr extra means that Modi ji can buy 30 F16 Fighter Plane from USA or urgent basis. Just today,one 50 yr old Mig crashed.

Its a shame, that just Deli would have thousands of Rs 1cr+ Cars ! Same Nation Pilots fight F16 with 50 yr old Migs ?

That’s what Congress and its schemes which makes your beloved Maids your enemy do. So “Prem ke Rishtey bane rahen aur 1000 of F16 aayen” !

If you cover the basics for Poor, they will be most Productive

Must see this video  If Poor are getting Free Houses, Medical care, Education,Loans…..

They wont fall for Naughty schemes of Congress, which makes your beloved Maid only your enemy.

Wrong scheme at wrong time by Congressis. Modi ji must say that he will build 2000 Sukois(Rs 200 cr/plane).95% Poor will support it,I am sure.

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