Arabs can’t produce a Sridevi, who is living “Chandamama”

Lot of such posts where Sridevi’s Death is compared with Syrian Kids. Mostly Pakistanis doing it !

Question is why Arabs can’t produce their own Sridevi ? So that guys don’t have to blast themselves to get one in heaven.

But Modi ji is solving the issue ,by promoting Shazia Ilimi type leaders, which will motivate Arabs to get their own Sreedevi,

but the Process will take 45-50 yrs & some Violence (Wars, Terrorism etc.)

Beautiful Southie Women, if you don’t marry her, Drives you to Hindutva

Secular Politicians invent reasons for not celebrating Holi ! This time they must try it for Sridevi

Beautiful Southie Women, if you don’t marry her turns like a Mother & Drive you to the Path of Hindutva¬† as she is Living “Chandamama” book


I have now even stopped watching songs in morning & night on TV.

I think last 7 years ,my ex Wipro Boss drove my Soul to Hindutva !

Turned me into Online Warrior ? Gave Troll Power ? My Wipro Boss, a Telugu Brahmin,. looked like Sreedevi.


Sridevi was¬† Mother of Older BJP “Bhakts”. Practical Hindutva Nationalist !

Sridevi’s House. Unlike 1 month back,Taxi guys know & Guards too accept

When Congressi Ecosystem used to prove that India’s Enemies lived outside in Islands, Dream of slaving India,

but Cheap enough to mix Pebbles in Wheat,Rice etc !

Sridevi in Karma used to expose that how her Congressi Uncle is the bad guy or in Mr India on what a good but practical Journalist must be .

Women do things unconsciously but it drives others !

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