Every Ganapati need a Parvati 

European Nations tried their Cultures to be more Feminine after World War 2, that’s proving a bad Idea

but I feel every Potential Dictator,Mass Murderer must have Women Boss for some time. It saves World from horrors of many Stalins & Hitlers.

No,No not Judy Dench type ‘Feminist Mother’ type Feminism  which is hurting Europe badly now !

but Maa ‘Paarvat’ type, “Balanced, Beautiful , Intelligent “,

Living Chandamama book which installs 10000 yr Mythology in your mind !Installs sense of ‘Dharma-Adharma’ in your mind !

my ex beautiful Boss, who turned me 20% Women ! after being her with for 1.5 yr ,  from 2010-2020 yrs what ‘Funny-Life’ I have lived !.

From a simple ‘Middle Class bloke’, doing Job, just ‘Saving Money’,to ‘Living with Maids’, doing Politics,’Dharma ki Raksha’ ,

Kicking ‘Kaliyugi’ Congress ‘Reading & Loving Evil Murderers’ like Stalin,Hitler.

She sent me for a Project to Canada which made me stay for a day in Germany too where I realized my past Life ‘Kaarmic’ Connection with World War 2.

Probably my beautiful Boss toned down my violent side by making me think like 20% Women ? Life is surely a Script written, executed by God !

Such Female Bosses are Life Long Asset

Always trust your Intuition, that’s the most rationale Thing !

I was always surprised why I spent 1.5 yrs in Wipro at “Lower-Salary”( though I have past Company Layoff Money of 9 month Salary !)

But I trusted my Intution.Toaday after seeing all the ‘Crap of Industry’, I feel those 1.5 yrs were the best,

my “Stable, Peaceful” Wipro Beautiful Boss was like Harward Graduation for me ! Best MBA to Teach me all !

Also now I am getting “Devrishi Naarad”  kind of Pleasure by sharing my Wipro Boss Profile with other Senior Ladies who want to start Work after a brief Sabbatical !

Divine Pleasure ! Something Money/Equity can’t buy ! Rest for 3rd World Middle Class Needs like Food/Shelter, you can do anything !

My Boss Converted me into a Fighter ,Warrior Kshatriya

In Astrolozy “Nazar” is always associated with Women and somehow Astrology always Works for me well !

“Nazar” is not necessarily Bad but makes “Things & Life” really Tough !

May be the Women having “Nazar” doesn’t even knows it ! Its her Subconscious Super-Natural Power !

Astrologer told me, that I have “Nazar” of a Women with 7 character name in English, 4 in Hindi,3 in Telugu

I just realized that my ex Boss name is like that and like “Shivgamini” of Bahubali she has turned me into a fierce Warrior for last 7.5 yrs ! Shivgamini indeed turned her son’s Life very very “Hard , filled with Romanticism” !

Only when my this Hyderabad Stay, I connected with ex Colleague & Dear Friend and now Life slowly become bit Comfortable !

One Women “Nazar” Neutralized by other Women’s “Nazar”, like “Saas-Bahu” ! Eliminated all the Romanticism & Will to fight all Evils became more organized and practical !

I feel my ex colleague  has traces of Goddess Lakshmi and my ex Wipro Bos has trace of Goddess Durga !

I feel my Boss had trace of Goddess Durga in her

Devdutt Patnaik a Luyten Product,has turned Mental but in process starting good discussions.

Kings or Politicians are supposed to enjoy but not store Wealth. They need to have just applicable knowledge not research one !

Last 10 yrs i think i focussed on Durga, So lot of politics but money only for my Team,Family  but next 10 years ,will focus on Laxmi,so that I can store lots of Wealth for myself !

Mid Career you have to do Tapasya,Do Politics etc,etc so Durga suits.

On Deewali, Along with Laxmi do a little Mahaveer pooja too. You will be blessed with good Lalas like Adani,Ambani !


Goddess in Hinduism screws you like a Naughty Women. Hindu Gods are too Karmik. It must change

I was never so Religious except occasionally worshiping Goddess Durga to get best Women around me coz of being at a Dry place like IIT,Mech etc !

Then to ward of bad Grahas, Poojas of Rudra-Shakti from 2011-15. But it seems that it turned out Old Fashioned ‘Chandamama’ (King or Demons !) way ‘Tapasya’ coupled with loads of Politics,’Dharma-Raksha’ !

But there was still something missing and only after Mumbai stay,worshiping Ganesha, and then going to Vrindavan to worship Lord Krishna.

I could understand that when you do worship Rudra-Shakti,you have to let go Middle Class Greeds & do only Politics !

My own Life appears such a Complex Movie now ! Thanks Ganesh ji & Krishna ji !

Hindu Gods are ‘Kaarmik’ and even Avatars like Ram/Krishna don’t escape Karma ! Goddesses pain you like naughty ladies !

Reason Hinduism doesn’t get Numbers like the Desert ones ! Need to be changed ?Gods and Goddesses of Hinduism must be more empathic and compassionate for people from ‘Mrityu-Lok’ .

Corona period has validated that my boss was Goddess Durga incarnate for me

Whenever I go to Office for 21 days approx, Corona cases rise drastically . Both in Sept 20 & April 21. Seems Maa Bhavani doesn’t want me to enjoy Middle Class Corporate Goodies , rather be *Kooka Seth” of Movie Trimurti kind Bhakt !

Last 10 yrs I am getting same message. Earlier used to pain me, now all. Ideally I should have done a ‘Bali’ of my Corporate Ladder,ESOP etc Greed at ‘Charan’ of my beautiful Boss 10 yrs back ?
So only Crooked WFH Roles now. ‘Bali’ of Corporate Ladder Greed .


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