BJP and its Opposition obsession

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BJP and opposition syndrome..BJP has no guts to behave in power even when it is because it is not used to and the insecurity is overwhelmingly paralyzing while Congress is et al are used to rule by hook and crook and utilising loopholes of democracy inherent weaknesses, sells country openly to Islam and Vatican openly as all Democratic countries are being sold worldwide by their on SALE fake leaders and conspiring leaders. Easier to purchase few Democratic representatives than entire population.
Jihad is a tool in the hands of Islam politicians to acquire full planet. Brainwashed race its weapon. Bought up leaders are ally.
Congress upa are committed to kill convert and make Hindu extinct. They forward this when they are in power and also when they are in opposition.
While Bjp thekedar of Hindu remains an indifferent opposition and when in power behaves like opposition… Coward and timid..most likely because there are no political alternative to Hindus united.
Presenting to you Islamic state of India in coming decades !! Either convert or be killed..leave this legacy because whether we know it or not..we are already sold by all parties …Bjp seems to be no great exception but it is not a favorite party of global buyers.
Worldwide we will have Islamic states in few decades if this dynamics continues. The only solution is to have awareness of people worldwide and get a RIGHT TO RECALL of on sale leaders by a process of impeachment. Organised and sustained parallel vigilance over all leaders by worldwide people and citizens.Worldwide jihad stages