Makkars should be defeated

Results as per my Wish. Best is Chandrababu Naidu defeated and shamed in Telangana for sleeping with Congress. KCR could be new Naveen Patnaik. Also BJP can convert Jagan and partner with him in A.P

Janeudhaari Rahul
Why can’t Jagan be a Janeudhaari ?

If Rahul can become “Janeudhaari” Brahmin, so could Jagan Mohan.He has to avenge his Dad & is not Shameless like Sachin Pilot,Jyotiraje Scindia ☺ BJP has to just Convert him like Rahul. “Dharma-Raksha” first.

Tamil Nadu ones will support anyone who is cloe to form Govt . So NDA will do good in South. Also SC-ST act and Upper caste voting against BJP ensured that BJP can never be branded as Anti-Dalit.

BJP must shame Congress on Farmers issue and Modi ji must Crush Media, Luytens etc Ruthlessly for 4 months. 2019 is sure.

I can feel that Modi ji was soft on Rahul for last 4 months, Love for his mother ? Giving him scope and importance. But now Raffale,Suit-Boot kind stupid allegations must be crushed.

I am happy, even if BJP looses all 3 states as it will be bust the NOTA Lovers ,Liberals,Farmers, Minority etc,etc all kind of Dramas & will satisfy typical Indian’s Jealousy and Looser Mindset !

Atal ji won Semifinal in 2003, but lost in 2004. Modi ji is smart, now he should be very Aggressive, Lot of Action must happen.

6 months, no Development. People can go to fields for Toilets ☺ Only Politics, Politics and more Politics !

Modi ji must also present a Coalition face. Throw some Biscuits to Yashvant Sinha-Shourie-Shatrughan types. Show that he has became humble ! Lead a Coalition in 2019 ?

BJP must generate Respect for the Bhakts

As I have written , Shivraj Chauhaan or Devendra Fadanvis should be PM Candidates from 2024-2034.

Yogi ji has to really prove that Hanuman was a Tribal, who rose to level of being Lord of Ayodhya by his skill !

Hindus themself dont want to justify their Epics scientifically and want want Congress-JNU to mock them ! Yogi ji will fix it.

People here mock BJP “Bhakts”, not realizing that BJP Warriors are mature like George Washington or Russian Comrades.

You can be without “Khujali” & Intellect Arrogance and give Modi ji 2 terms like USA, if not like Russians who gave Stalin and Putin such long Power.

No surprise, Indians & Hindus never Scaled in Medieval Period ! None occupied Australia or Arabia or Central Asian Republics ?

Even for the so called “Secular” 160 seats Club, Modi only be the PM

Kamalnath is a ‘Hands -On’ Rioter ! He neutralizes any 2002 In-Action accusation on Modi ji. Though 200 Rioters were shot by Police in 2002

Though feel bad for Shivraj but now even if BJP gets 160 seats then also Modi ji will be PM in 2019. For 2024, it should be Shivraj.

Even 160 seats, Secular Club is lead by Modi ji now ☺

So Mitron, “bina kisi sansay, bina shikva aur poore seva bhaav se Modi ji ko PM banayen”

So Mitron, “bina kisi sansay, bina shikva aur poore seva bhaav se Modi ji ko PM banayen”

 Yogi Adityanath must be Anti-Biotic to Hindu DNA Weakness

BJP & Yogi ji must produce lot of “Janeudhaaris” . Also if Rahul can turn “Janeudhaari”,

why cant Jagan Mohan Reddy or few from Pakistan ?
Congress Cheats Regional Parties in this too ☺

Luxury of turning Brahmin,Muslim,XTian etc,etc as per need ?
Assembly elections have eliminated any anti-incumbency.

Now with even 160 seats, Modi only will be PM. “Secular bhi Modi,Communal bhi Modi”
2024-2034, it will be Shivraj/Devendra as PM Candidate…
Yogi ji will be a “Pinch Hitter” or “Antibiotic to cure Hindu DNA”. He should have big targets like Converting most of Asia to be “Janeudhaaris” ?

Yogi Adityanath is a “Pinch Hitter” to bring Changes like changing Hindu DNA

Yogi Adityanath is a “Pinch Hitter”. He is supposed to bring these kind of very very big Changes but without much Violence?

Hanuman & Shri Ram are global Icons, not Prophets. They are “Man of Action”, can be adopted by anyone.Even Goddess Durga too.

All this will finish Congressi,Socialist,Gandhian,Sufi,Leftist,Ambedkarite,Joshua,’Mool-Nivaasi’,Dravidian Politics?

Reason typical U.P mistake should not be done with Yogi ji.Dont make him PM Candidate ?.

For that follow Modi-Shivraj-Fadanvis Chain

China issue give historical opportunity for MIM -BHEEM

MIM-Bheem combination has an historical opportunity ?

Bheem ones must fight for Tibet & MIM ones for Xiangyang. Form Suicide Squads.Freeing those lands from CCP they can use all its resources & employ UC Hindus

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