North East guys have to move beyond being a Massager

BJP won Assam.North East guys are real Patriots.

Shame on Congress to allow them to be Converted and troubled by Bangladeshis,turning into Massagers,Insurgents etc,etc !

Modi ji & BJP will Free North East from all these Curses !

They don’t have to talk like a Doctor while Massaging, on Bones, Joints ,Pains  to turn you Sick like a Patient !

Naga Battalion Soldiers on Tigers Hill
Naga Battalion Soldiers on Tigers Hill

Historically anywhere Minority, if >15% has always sounded Death-Knell of Congress !

e.g Assam,Andhra Pradesh !

Modi ji is now Servant of Allah, after Saudi Arab gave him top Citizenship..Soon Iran will give too.

He has to Move-On India away from all the Congressi Stuff like Sufis,’Majars,Dargaahs’ !

coz those give Ram Jethmalani types lots of scope  to do mischief.Only authentic Islam. minus Force & Violence !

Sarbananda Sonowal,Assam CM
Sarbananda Sonowal,Assam CM

I was thinking of Winning Over (50/54) Islamic Nations first then pushing Saudis/Iranians,

but seems Modi ji read my Posts on the Facebook and won over the “Nerve Centre” Saudi Arab directly ! Great !

We need a “Ram-Rajya” from Ramallah to Indonesia like good old Lord Ram days !

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