Ravishankar Prasad is one prime example of BJP’s Middle-Class Mindset


Such Middle-Class mindset leaders bring BJP down ! Just to get some brownie points from Luyten Babes.

Few BJP leaders can go to any level of embarrassment, but the Luyten Babes sleep with Diggi Chacha, treat BJP Leaders as slaves !

Ram Bhakt party must learn to deal with modern day “Tadakas”, “Lankinis” !

Quit Middle Class mindset.Middle Class Life is Fire of Hell !

BJP Leaders never support their supporters Shamelessly like Congress do

See how Congress Leaders promote books etc of their Pets ! No BJP Leader will do this for your book !

Rather they will promote Sagarika book only, which abuses them ! Coz they are Middle Class Jealous Jerks who will be jealous of your money  Middle Class Sucks !

But pardon them for this.30 yrs we need benign Dictatorship,Modi ji,Shivraj,Yogi & BJP at helm,

Congress will Weaken every thing and we will face big Wars from Arabia to China in 30 yrs,

Once China,Pakistan,Arabs are settled then Middle Class nature of BJP Leaders should be punished !

 BJP Leaders must Shamelessly stand with its Muslim Women Leaders like Shazia Ilimi

Delhi needs Shazia Ilimi for 15 yrs as CM to get cured of its AAPTard Cheapness !

Lucknow should be political Capital.

But before that BJP has to get rid of its Middle Class Shyness/Fears.

Start accusing Congress of doing Cow Gundaism ! Abuse & destroy NDTV & Media. Don’t appear “Failed-Lovers” of Media !

Middle Class is a Curse ! Punishment of past birth Sins .

BJP Leaders never Punish Media for their Misdeeds

Good. !Media should be Free but also treated/kicked like Dogs periodically.

If few BJP Leaders or Modi ji could have dared to do the same with Media in 2002, BJP would have been Power in 2004.India’s loss.

But BJP leaders get orgasms seeing a Mike and get Kink Pleasure on being humiliated by Media !

Media keep India in Hindu-Muslim Crap, in 19th Century, Never ending Congressi loop.

BJP has to fix Hindu-Muslim Relationship, then Arab-Jews Relationship,Convert all Islamic Nations to Greater NDA,

Lead Asia when China Breaks -Up etc,etc.

Turn Japan,Russia,Australia ,Vietnam Sanatani !

BJP Leaders have habit of Rewarding those who abuse them everytime

S Vardrajan called Army Chief General Dyer and he is addressing Army Officers ?

Off Course to weaken them mentally , be defensive, prepare them to die more  than to kill !

BJP leaders are such idiots in letting the Media, Journalists weaken the Army and the party for some daily Peace !

Even Modi ji allowed Teesta etc to grow so strong,resulted in loss of 2004,2009,

Never turned Story-Vendors into Story themselves like Shivraj Chauhaan does ?

BJP Leaders try to appear too much Statesman type for small Praises from Media


Rainath is best CM after Kalyan Singh and best Home Minister India has produced,he has Wiped out Maoism,Jehadism from U.P in past,

he will do it again for India

He should just keep his mouth shut and just focus on Killing ! Media make him speak to prove that he is like Congressi/Samajwaadi and above all an idiot Casteist,Exploited “Thakur” !

In UPA time, Azamgarh boys used to kill 200 every Saturday etc,etc,

the 7 dead are first Civilian deaths in Modi regime, must take very Dirty Revenge.

BJP Leaders don’t even learn from Leaders like Donald Trump

Kudos to Donald Trump,President USA for fighting/humiliating Media….

In India BJP Leaders get orgasms,just seeing Media & Mike .Act as Slaves of Media..

BJP leaders must understand that unlike USA,Indian Army,Para Forces etc are yet not so strong, nor India is geographically isolated to give so much freedom to Media/ Left Ecosystem.

BJP must promote leaders like Shivraj who are Tough to Media

#SelfieWithTree ! Bacholor BJP PMs like Atal ji & Modi ji are not able to Crush the Media or Leftist Ecosystem coz they get senti on Sagarika,Barkha ! Delhi Luxuries Weaken them !

Shivraj with a beautiful Wife will destroy Media & Leftists in 2024 !

Whoever goes to search a Spicy Story on Shivraj becomes a Story himself . Like that Aaajtak guy !

BJP must finish all Charity Schemes before next elections

Modi ji must try to spend all the Saved Money, on Armed Forces (Bullet Proofs,Guns etc,etc) and on genuine Poors till 2024.

Congress , if back in 2024 will definitely weaken the Forces,have Ponzy Schemes till 2029,

With a looming World War around, Can’t be Afforded

BJP must not try to Fix everything by Process only.Do some Patchwork too


It’s a bigger bitter Lesson for Modi ji..he wants to Fix everything by Process , now next 2 yr only Patches & Quick Fixes

If Suresh Prabhu has sent few Railwaymen to Jail,got them thrashed badly, his Job would have been saved.

It’s very easy for Enemies of Nation to Bribe few Railway guys to cause accidents. So first Jail & Good police beating  required

Next 2 yr only Patches,Quick Fixes by Modi ji..When you Work among Idiots , you should do that. My whole Life has been among Idiots,Morons . Modi ji must follow my Advise.

Middle Class BJP leaders can’t abuse Media like Trump

Does any BJP leader ever abuses Media like this ?

Mind it, Donald Trump is a Billionare, his Reputation is much more than 2 penny Middle Class BJP Leaders,

but all BJP Leaders act act as their name will go in history !

Indians love all the Vices of USA e.g Liberalism, but don’t want to go through the Pains through which they come.

Modi ji must fix Middle-Class mindset of their leaders, coz of that they get orgasm seeing a Mike and Reporter  !

Also BJP Leaders never allow even smallest of small benefits for their dedicated workers & online warriors !

3rd World Middle class mindset  Modi ji must fix it.

BJP Weakness against Media makes people digest real Harm/Deaths

Rahul Gandhi tries to ape Justin Trudeau of Canada, ignoring the fact that Canada is 3 times size of India, Isolated with USA as Protector !

Beggars do not have License to Love !! Those who keep loosing Real Estate as in 1947 or are on verge of loosing e.g Kashmir,NE,Punjab etc,etc cant do all these Cute little Dramas ☺

Over this, Rahul ji’ Great Naana made China our Enemy too ! We cant use its Reasources, Land !

Modi ji and Atal ji’s & BJP Weakness against Media shows us these days.

Imagine same Media made us digest 3000+ Terrorism, Naxalisn Deaths during UPA time,has made just 5-10 Deaths of Lynching such big issue ?

A Cow costs almost as Tata Nano or Enfield Bullet ….Modi ji must ask Media guys to try stealing, destroying someone’s Tata Nano or Bullet and then give them a party ,kiss them, provided they come back alive ☺

Modi ji & BJP has to still learn a lot from Stalin & Russian Comrades on how to lead ! They are still so 3rd World ” Misdle Class” !

Media keeps India Stuck in Bhakti-Sufi “Tilasm”

Modi ji finally doing “Kraanti-Kaari” Strike ! He should have destroyed Media in 2002 itself, when Media guys turned billionaires on Gujarat Riots

Media ahould be Free but they should be kept Ultra poor too and must barely meet their daily Bread else they become like Abhishar Sharma ☺

India is not Militarily so Powerful, Not Isolated like USA or has so much Land to absorb Vices like Agenda driven Media.

Also Media will never let India come out of Sufi-Bhakti loop and will make Hinduism loaded with so much guilt always !

Hinduism has reformed enough, now Look East and convert most including China !

Arabs have to be given Upper-Caste pinch and made to fund Poor Muslims of India.

But Punya Prasoon Vajpayee kind Media keep India in infinite “Krantikaari” and Guilt  Loop !

Acting too much nice and sweet destroys BJP and India


No surprise Atal ji lost 2004 with just 7 seats ! The Love for Niceties and the Lust for being Invited to Marriage Receptions by Opposition leaders where 50 ppl do your “Charan-Sparsh” destroys BJP Leaders !

With rich Lady like Rajmaata Vijay Raaje on his side, Atal ji would have died for lack of a flight ticket to USA ☺ BJP was baniya party anyways ?

BJP leaders make JackAss of themselves ! Modi ji must ban Marriage Receptions for BJP leaders and teach “Take No Prisoner” policy for Opposition & Media .

Its amusing to see so much Drama, Unnatural Porn type Combinations (SP-BSP,TDP-Congress) to just remove Modi ji in 2024 elections.

Who like Atal ji is so Benign,Democratic and allows so much Freedom. Its good if these guys form a Khichadi thing,Weaken India for few years.

So that next BJP PM could be a real Rascal Dictator ☺

Modi ji has done Sin of not destroying the 2002 hyping Media,Luytens for personal Relations. They produce Terrorists,Sepratists & Weaken India.

So it must cost him, but he must do the Farmer Salaries and Middle Class Tax waiver upto Rs 8 lakh definitely in this budget.

Devdutt Patnaik is the Personification of the Demonic Luyten

Devdutt Patnaik a Luyten product is becoming a Mythological ‘Asur’ himself ? Just see his Twitter Timeline to know !

A kind of Demon which can’t be visualised by Ramanand Sagar. He is not Black with large teeths, do not laugh etc,etc

But one who makes Money by selling false knowledge and demeaning Dharma ! Indians were unable to handle such guys. They make Luyten !
His turning Mental may be Ram Ji’s Wish !

Vultures, Tool Kits, Corona has shown the ugly face of Nehruvian Democracy


Good . Usually State Govts r not needed except for training few CMs like Yogi Ji,Shivraj Chauhan as future PMs
British Viceroy used to control much bigger India along with DMs. I think if State Govts go, lot of extra geography,states cld be added to Indian Union
As Toolkit shows,Congis can only divide,malign & r a curse to India. But now they r very incompetent too.
Modi ji was Weak, they cld have done soft Bitching like older “Brahmin” Congis but useless fellows now.
Also the desire to show UP bad 🤔 Journalists searching like vultures for bodies ? UP has recovered well & very fast from Wave 2, will be a Role-Model for World. Only thing to focus now is Vaccines & getting large number of DRDO Doxy medicines.
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