COVID 19 is a Hindu Virus & will make India Vishwa-Guru

COVID 19 is a Hindu Virus & will make India Vishwa-Guru

Corona is a Curse of Brahman, a Sanatani Virus

With Lockdown Modi ji trained Indians on how to handle long Wars incl. Civil Wars.

Indians if they get good Food,Fresh Sabzi,Fish etc, they r not Scared to Die.

Corona is a Hindu or Brahminical Virus indeed,it will finish the Indian scare of Separatists,Civil War, long Wars,bad economy etc,etc
Also Corona will eliminate Miracle Healers, Mass Prayer Concept etc,etc . Worship individually and pay a Pujari well.

People should worship like Megnath below.

Corona shows that Ambani/Adani give economic stability like Soviet Union

Corona also showed that Ambani,Adani type big business guys better than Soviet Model. Who can serve 3 cr Meals ? Almost Whole Europe population eating free in India.

WFH and Pre-Cooked food will be next big Job generators.Govt must focus on it.

Corona is training India for Biological,World War,Civil War and have BJP for 45 yrs

Maharashtra ; ‘BJP hati,Durghatna ghati’ !

For next 45 yrs, since India can’t produce a quality Dictator, just stick to BJP. Let not Greed,Jalan, Cynism etc drive u. Make Western Nations,few African,Arab Nations as Greater India spiritually !

India has to fight Biological & Economic Wars from China e.g Corona,World Wars , may be an lslamic NATO ,spiced up with an internal Civil War ! etc,etc.

Corona marks end of my Troll Life which started in 2011 & also shows  UP must lead World.


Paid my Maid, a Bengali Muslim 2 months Salary via PayTM to his neighbour !

She didn’t had cash,food and not getting meals coz no Ration Card ! Can’t come to Society and I don’t want to go to ATM !
Benefits of Demonitization.

Noida has huge Migrant labours,but none asking for going home here ? UP has big Heart ? Jai U.P !

Mitron, After 9 yrs since April 2011 after leaving Wipro,my Troll Life ending. This Blog is collection of all the ‘Tapasya’ done for last 9 years.

What a luck that this Lock-down again people got mesmerized by the old Ramayan.Old Ramayan seems quite Serious & Modern after 33 yrs. Even Arrow fights looks good !

Passion beats Technology overload ! Hanuman ji was best Healthcare Enabler !

Corona will help reduce the cost of Farming by ensuring Cheap Labor

BJP must fix its Communication. Bhakts can’t fight for it forever without Salary!

Migrant labors r the by-product of Samajwaadi ,Bheem-MIM politics. These guys shdnt be migrating in first place.

U.P has labor shortage ! It uses Harvesters . If Govt bans Harvesters,discourages Tractors etc,etc ,most of these guys will be absorbed and Farming Cost be reduced !

Also other states must intro-inspect that why no worker want to leave UP from Noida,Kanpur etc ? “UP ka bada Dil” ?

It’s good opportunity for other states to fill the jobs of Plumbers,Carpenters etc with local people,even if costly.

Corona crisis shows that India will have to handle a lot of Traitors and its bad in handling it

BJP’s inability to Crush Media causes Miseries to Nation. Barkha Dutt,Pallavi Ghosh etc r roaming to instigate Migrants and no action being taken.

How will BJP fight World Wars if they can’t tackle Traitors back home ?But anyways Migrant labours issue which was used to Shame UP will be resolved forever . UP will now lead the World.

Corona crisis is a boon for UP & India

Good…UP will be a trillion dollar economy and will lead the World. Nepal/ China have to turn Greater UP

It was the Samajwaadi or MIM-Bhim politics which generated Migrant Labour.UP has no shortage of Resources !

Maharashtra/Gujarat and other states shd fill the Jobs like that of Plumber,Electrician,Mall Worker etc by Local people.

Good time to Print Rupee Notes and make Fighter Jets / Drones etc ! India sure needs lots of Weapons.

Lots of Multi-Front Wars coming up including Internal Wars for India . China/Middle East,Jehadism/Maoism etc,etc all will need few Wars to sort it out.

Mumbai Doctors still can’t make Aish Corona Negative in 2 Weeks ?

Bihar or UP doctors wld have cured in max 5 days ? In Bihar if ppl get admitted then they recover fast…they may not get hospitals and die is diff issue.

Modi ji must see ino this. Maharastra Doctors doing something wrong,reason so many cases & deaths.

Corona crisis must pave way for 1 Nation,1 Election and Presidential form

Center must postpone Bihar elections(Sept) for 1 year and in fact try to postpone all elections till 2024 !

All Migrant Workers issues will be solved. They won’t be harrased & pushed from Congress ruled states.

2024,India can go for Presidential form of Govt. A tiny Nation of size 1/3 of USA,doesn’t need so many Parties,Elections !

Good…Central Govt must directly deal with DM-SP of Congress ruled states for Migrants movement.

Congress will want lot of Migrants dying as it will give ‘Misery Tourism’ and ‘Amir-Garib’ vulture politics avenues.

India is a tiny Nation,1/3rd size of China. Why can’t Govt do full Central Rule for 6 months ? Why can’t Media be banned ?

If Modi ji has given Notice for Lockdown then all Middle Class wld have been Starving as Congressis wld have stolen all the Food

Remember 1970 Movies ! UP Labor problem will be solved .UP will absorb all.Maharashtra,Gujrat etc must put local people in the Jobs.
Delhi state must be merged to Western UP.

A new UP & Bihar will disrupt & lead the World and build Greater UPs

😊 Bihar Cares !

Bihar was supposed to do Worst but I feel it has done best in World in terms of Mortality & Cases.

Biharis have bad habit of being Toppers ! Maharashtra & Delhi prove that “BJP hati Durghatna ghati” !

Covid proved that Bollywood Movie stories with Villain ‘Thakur’ were Fake !’ Thakur’ used to save the Workers from Starvation during World Wars & other global Crisis with very little in return .

So a new UP along with Bihar is forming up which will Disrupt & Lead the World .
Other states like Maharashtra shd too give these Migrant Worker Jobs to Locals. UP has resources to absorb them and it will build lot of Greater UPs in World !

Dr Ajay Alok signifies the New & Rising Bihar, the brother of UP.

UP along with New Bihar will Disrupt and Lead the World. What a big Change it will be. Many Murderous ideologies, Nation States and even few Religions will Vanish from earth ! Lots of Greater UP needed in World.

Like Chacha Nehru Hijacked UP from Chandrashekhar Azad,Bismil etc, lets not Priyanka & Congress do it again.

Jai UP….Land of Ram/Krishna was sleeping for 5000+ yrs….It has Woken up.Too many fake outsiders hijacked it. Too many fake Bhakti/Sufi Saints weakened,but Soul of UP will Rise & Rule the World.

Incompetent Congress made even Nepal which is by default Greater UP turn Maoist ! No issues,Modi ji will turn the Quad(US-Australia-Japan-Vietnam etc) as Greater UP

Modi ji won over lot of liberals by his Covid handling


Modi ji by “VocalForLocal” is generating Jobs for Retired Heroines like Bipasha Basu.

Bongs like Bipasha may find “Mandir wahin banega” brand Hindutva a bit Violent. So they will like “Thali Bajana”, “Vocal for Local” etc. Modi ji cares for all Tastes. Mission (30/42) seats in WB

Lockdown end marks a new phase of Life & Vanaprastha stage

As ‘Unlockdown 1.0’ starts, I feel Lockdown has done Good !

I now feel Straight Out of College & have lost my Anger,Greed etc,etc …Wish it went till Oct

Politically all Opposition falling in Trap of Modi ji…India numbers shd have been 12 times of USA(4 times Population * 3 times Geography) …So India shd have 2.4 cr ppl infected if USA has 2 million.

So Opposition parties r now appearing the Cheap Villains of 1970 Movies itching to do ‘Milaawat’ & ‘Kaala-Bazari’ !

Also by instigating Migrant Labours & them showing ‘Fatal Love’ for villages they r Nulling all the Socialist,MIM-Bheem Politics,Anti Jamindaari System Politics etc,etc ! Securing 2024 for NDA !

Personally I will focus lets on Pooja-Path of Gods and Tapasya, rather than do only  ‘Karma’ till my Death. Also Lord Krishna will be driving figure in my life. Thanks to Gods “Shiva-Durga-Ram” to drive my Life till now.

Also no Women in my Life from now. All Women Love i have displayed was a sort of Worship of Goddess Durga. I will end any sort of Love for Women from now on-wards. Jai Shri Krishna !

New Dawn of Life starting !. With coming back of Housekeeper ,3 months of ‘Soft Jail’ ended.

Also it seems 9 yrs of ‘Graha’ will end. But it took ‘Bali’ of my Corporate Ladder Greed.
If u follow ur ‘Kundali’ well ,u wont run into Sushant Singh Rajput kind of situation. e.g my Kundali clearly suggested that I follow “Bhakt” Politics & shun Corporate Greed !

When u r making Crores spend some money on ‘Brahmins’,Poojas etc. Death can’t be changed,but lot else cld be.

Way MP performed shows that Shivraj Chauhan shd be PM Candidate in 2029

Gujarat & MP have definitely improved a lot after mass distribution of Ayurvedic “Trikut Kaadha”

Same can be used in all states to fight Covid 19. MP lucky to get Shivraj again…he shd be next PM Candidate in 2029.

Yogi ji must become PM only when America is Matured to become Greater UP. Their Police need to first learn from UP Police on Riots handling.

Corona proves that India always Under-fight its Strength

“Mere ghar ke bagal waala Yathartha Hospital Chain bhi ab Covid treat karega” …though another far off branch.They will give Ambulance to travel.

Imagine the comfort it brings ! Modi ji & Dr Harshvardhan have done Mess-up of not involving Pvt hospitals from start, though with good intention of preventing high costs.

But imagine “agar Pvt Hospital Rs 25000-50000 ke package mein cure kar de” then Corona is no Disease for India 🙂 India is used to much fatal ones. India is not using its Power of Pvt Hospitals.

This was a Screw-up,needs fix. Yes,Corona cure requires nothing much(mostly Paracetamols,Rarely Oxygen !).

Pvt hospitals can buy Ventilators . “25-50k ke package mein ho jaaye”, it will finish Corona . Poor will get that from Ayushman.

Modiji has Messed up in not involving Pvt hospitals/Nursing Homes and Under fighting with Just Govt Hospitals. Stupid Congress/Opp not highlighting this. 😀 later we Bhakts will say,Modi ji strategy made Govt hospital better like USA/Europe !

Corona proves Power of Ayurveda

Patanajali made Corona Medicine !

Ayurveda along with involving Pvt Hospitals & Doctors at viable pricing for both Patient/Hospital will eliminate Corona. Govt Hospital must mostly guide.

India must focus on ‘Curing Fast’,Boosting Immunity(Ayurved) than Containment.

Corona is Cured by (Paracetamol + Rare Oxygen(10 perc) + Ramdev Tricks(Pranayam, Warm Water ,Gargle etc).I think most spending Rs 8 lakh at Max would be mostly being Cured by Gargle !

RWAs have came up very Good,Innovative in this Crisis. Bright people must be motivated to fight ….So now those ‘Thaali-Diya’ Drill of Modi ji Paying back.

Corona will end with Ram Janambhoomi  BhoomiPoojan

Ram ji settling down shd give multiple Hindu Rashtras as he & Krishna r the most Hands-On Prophets ! ‘1 ke saath 10 free’
Hiindus must have multiple natural homelands.
Casteism,Greed for ‘PWD Theka’,Middle Class Jobs,’being Darbaris’ etc, all will go.
Also may Ram fulfill Sharad Pawar’s prophecy of Corona ending with Ram Temple Bhoomi-Poojan !

Corona will pave the way of Population Control Bill

Pakistan has allowed China’s phase 3 trial Vaccine to be used on its Patients. Since China has made the Biological Weapon Covid, it had the Vaccine in phase 3 from start.
India too is ready with phase 3 Vaccine and are under trials. It could have been launched on 15th August, but so much noise by Media,Luyten that Modi ji delayed it by 2 months.
Indian Govt has allowed things to loose since August ! probably another 2 months, so that India could have 1 lakh plus deaths. Then things like Population Control Bill etc will be easy to pass. Also ppl will be trained for Biological Wars,Casualties,Economic Hardships etc,etc
When the Dust settles :
1) Population Control Bill.
2) 1 Nation,1 Election along with Presidential form of Govt.
3) Make Delhi an UT or merge with UP. Reduce States Role. India is very small Nation,1/3 of USA.
4) Why cldnt Doctor find a prescribed Medicine or Lung Tonic for Corona to avoid Oxygen stage ? Must be found out.
5) Why didn’t Govt officialy promoted Coronil Kit to avoid Oxygen stage ? China Govt does promote its traditional medicines . What is this desire to please Luyten ? Coronil kit types wld have helped avoid Oxygen stage.
6) Modi ji must drop his ‘Baniya’ mind of Cost/Benifit. Why didn’t he got 100 cr Vaccines built ? He cld have cancelled ‘Sauchalay’ & other schemes ? Why not built extra Oxygen Plant, even if not used later ? With 130 cr ppl,Luyten kind enemies , u can’t try to do just overt good guy.
7) Govt must be ready for Biological & Nuclear Warfare & handle 0.5 Front effectively, which will weaken from within in any War.
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