Fond of fiddling in Kashmir affairs Congress crosses ‘Lakhsman Rekha’

How will current India face World War 2 which Soviet Union faced ?

If India is threatened with Extermination which Soviet Union faced in 29th century from much Powerful/Rich Germany,

how will all these Traitor Congressis,Media Play out ?

Do we need 1 Stalin đŸ™‚ for Purges. There will be definitely a big War, started in Arabia/Pakistan/China hitting us in next 15-20 yr.

Stalin feels like “Devata”. At least ensure that Modi ji Yogi ji are there for next 25 yrs !

World War1/World War 2 India was dragged and lost both 1 lakh Soldiers in each & 5 million Civilians due to Famine !

Journalists work so hard to bring back Congress but are so Scared ! how much Congress Spoiled them !

How will they live in “Gulaags” ! there will definitely be a Hindu Dictator in league of Hitler/Stalin(3rd Antichrist !) after Modi ji and Yogi ji !

then they will miss Modi ji & Yogi ji & will Worship them ?

Personally I will love to Watch Sagarika Ghose wash Utencils in “Gulaags” like a Maid ! her heart bleeds for Poor ?

Crushing Maoism Militarily/Ideologically will take of Oxygen Supply of China

Nehru & Congressis were such a slave mindset , why didn’t they worked under Jinnah like a MNC, they already did that to Mughals & British !

After Freedom based on Communal Partition, Congress promoted such Leftists Jokers !

Why won’t Pakistan,ISIS,Maoists will feel that they can enslave India ?

If “Buddha-Gandhi”  selling India Crushes Maoism most ruthlessly, it will be the biggest Blow to China !

Maoism crushed most murderously in India will break China,coz unlike Stalin & Comrades who were forced in War Time, Mao was a Criminal & used ‘Peace-Time’ to build the Maoist Cartel.

But, in India, any Nuisance turns into an Anti-Brahmin Fight, till few Congressis are murdered !

CNN-News18 journalist spreads fake news about gang-rape over beef eating in UP

Buddhism was also an Upper-Caste Agenda

Bengali Leftists have to go to this extent to hate Modi & Hindutva,they need Counselling,

Today coz of them a total Organic,Natural,4 Varna based ‘Bloodless-Revolution’ is going on which will affect from Arabia to Indonesia !

Bengali Leftists must understand that , Siddartha or Buddha which they love so much was also same Upper Caste,North Indian Male !

Most Wars of Medieval period were Secular Permutation & Combinations

Only 1 War India has Fought with Islamic World, that was with Ottoman Empire in World War1 & that created all the Arab States including Saudi Arab,Iran,Iraq etc !Bapu was General of it !

Bapu was a Military Genius & hence Died like a Military Man !

Rest all Wars were “Secular Permutations & Combinations” only, involving occasional breaking of Temples etc, etc !

Congressis of those times benefited from these Conflicts , as they do now !

Understanding this is very important ! Even Afgan wars including Panipat were Localized events only.

Even in Peace-time Congressis never do anything good for “Dharma”, except encouraging Loudspeaker Bhajans to create more smalltime Conflicts !

Lord Ram’s Governance Model was even better than USSR

If over this, BJP Crushes Maoism ruthlessly, most of Chinese States will break like Arunanchal & Balochistan !

‘Ram-Bhakt’ BJP will lead to Ram-Rajya, where though Ram used to rule over tiny Avadh himself but from Arabia to Indonesia was aligned with him Ideologically !

but before that BJP has to differentiate between ‘Devata saman’ Stalin & the evil Mao ! Stalin has “Dharma” with him !

BJP must unite Hindutva-Communism. Sitaram Yechury makes it appear ugly ! Congress keeps it to Cow eating only !