Dalits are Richer & Powerful now, so some Responsibilities


What innocent Dalits don’t realize is that unlike Mughal-British era where they don’t have Money, now they have enough Money & Political Clout.

Any Force willing to take over India e.g Jehadis,Maoists,Evangelists or Pakistan will not let them remain cute Buddhist Ambedkarite Dalits !

If they convert, the Rich Maoist,Church or Islamic leaders will crush them utmost ruthlessly in Classless society. All  are equal there !

So they have to Stand-Up , Fight, eliminate all Maoists,Jehadis etc  like Chandragupt Maurya.

If they do this, Upper Caste Load will reduce and they will become their “Bhakts” like they do to “Teli” Modi !

Dalits cant take Escape Route now like Ambedkar

Congress along with Anti-National Forces are Working so hard to Ignite a Dalit anger to remove BJP,

but issue is that Dalits now have to take Leadership Positions, everyone will support them like people supported OBC “Teli” Modi !

they can’t escape by route which Ambedkar took,converting to Buddhism and just sucking from inside.

Rather Dalits must become like Chandragupt Maurya. Rule,Defeat & Kill ISIS,Jehadis,Maoists. Kill & get killed like a “Kshatriya” !

Upper Castes Load will be reduced and they will be happy & Faithful to the Dalits. like they are to Modi now.

Personally I am happy with Saharanpur Violence..”Thakurs” should face some Humiliation indeed. !

They converted to Buddhist Monks,Competed with Brahmins, then Worked for Mughals & British like “Jealous” employees of MNC.

Or else Saharanpur shouldn’t be having 40% Muslims !

First time Dalits are fighting back, else from Buddhism days to Ambedkar to Bapu to Mayawati, all very passive,

just to get some benefits, Now Dalits must become aggressive, rule and fulfill my Dream of dominating from Arabia to Indonesia !

Shouldn’ t just stop at some more Reservations.

Making Ram Nath ovind as President Candidate is a Step in that direction.


Upper Caste, Hindi Belt party BJP made 2 Non-Hindi speaking state guys and OBC as PM and 1 Dalit as President.

Dalits Promoted by BJP are more Sober,Educated & Decent than even Brahmins, reason they don’t generate Money for Luyten !

Jignesh Mewani type Dalits must take over Congress


Jignesh Mewani must take over Congress & become President ,finish Rahul & others.Dominate from Indonesia to Arabia.

I will be Slave to such Dalit Leader. My issue is that all Dalit,Socialist leaders help in electing a Brahmin Congressi ( Buddhist system !) .

Weakening India & Dharma like Termites before falling to Jehadis/Maoist !

A Lesson for BJP Leaders to shed their Middle Class Jealousy & Cheapness .With such huge Army of BJP Online “Bhakt” Warriors,can’t they promote few to tackle these ?

Dalits being militant too, will make Muslims most valuable assets

What a Shame ? Having an OBC pm,Dalit president ,all Leftist block is hell bound to make Brahmin Rahul as PM & Upper Caste Congress in Power.

Modi ji & BJP’s soft approach for Media & Luyten Destroys them. My Caste hero “Badmash” Chacha Diggi raja treated Luyten as a brothel.

Modi ji must learn from Diggi ! Upholding Dharma bigger than own Image.

Dalits must be beware of Jignesh types, Doing Arson equates them with Muslims, which Ambedkar avoided !

System will always favour Muslims, if Dalits turn militant,coz Muslims have strategic usage Internationally,

they can produce Suicide Bombers for India if pampered & loved well

I myself will prefer Muslims over Buddhists,XTians ! So BJP indeed getting “Acche-Din”,Respect for Muslims ! Funny being branded as Communal party !

So after this initial orgasam of Hate Modi goes, Dalits have to turn “Kattar Hindu” like Valmiki,Ved-Vyas days ! No Option !

SC/ST Act is preventing them from getting Pvt Sector Jobs


When Congress does any Agitation, it always harms the supposed beneficiary ! e.g if Bapu hasnt done Non-Coperation Time-Pass ! , then Bhagath Singh,Chandrasekhar Azaad wont have died ?

Same here, Dalits would have got jobs heavily in Pvt Sector after dilution of this Act , but Congress made them agitate with 10 deaths.

Political Master Stroke by Modi ji to puncture the Anti-Dalit Painting by Opposition ?but a big harm to Dalits in term of Pvt Sector Jobs. Who will arrest risks of arrest for Layoffs ?

Upper Caste Voters will still vote BJP , but to compensate the financial loss of Dalits , Modi ji must promote Stand-Up India for Dalits, they must do Start-Ups with “Thakur” as Mentors ☺ for Rs 50k/month ? For 1hr/day ? That will be true Social Justice.

I am proud of BJP Online Warriors or Bhakts.They make Revolutions, Politics a fun. No more Azaads,Bhagat Singhs etc needed to die !

Modi ensuring that no “Garibi-Hatao” for  50  yrs

Modi ji ensuring that next 50 yrs no body can do Drama of “Garibi-Hatao” or even Social Justice as both are achieved !

Personally I would have preferred SC-ST act to be diluted as this would have benefitted them to get Pvt Sector Jobs heavily but they got fooled by Congress and others in doing Violence for it .

So General Category can enjoy Pvt Sector money peacefully for next 20-30 yrs ! After that they can be moved to Teaching/R&D/Sports and other soft jobs by another BJP PM !

All those promoting NOTA for BJP GC voters are those who can even find virtues in ISIS, if they get some petty Kerosine License or GRP D jobs ☺ No surprise just 1 lakh British ruled us ! We are too Middle Class !

Next Modi ji must Kill this Pakistan Obsession. Congressis cant Move-On from Good-Time they had with Pakistanis , specially Women !

Modi ji must make China as Greater U.P, Be militarily 2X Powerful but No competition with China at all in other areas. To support Western Fantacies , India has to absorb lot of Evangelists, Pastors, NGOs !

Modi ji must also along with China, pass on some of the costs of Indian Muslims to Arabs ! Arabs never bear any cost.

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