Digvijay can kill for Hindutva

I really love & respect Digvijay Singh more than even Modi ji. He was an ex RSS member, considers himself senior to Modi ji !

And advices BJP rightly,doing the “Mahant” style Politics,Modi ji must not appear promoting a beautiful married Women in parallel to Rahul Gandhi and enjoying “Grihastha” Life !

This weakens “Mahant” style management ! I too had bad experience.

Diggi is real Hindutva Warrior ! Suffered,mocked but look what he had made M.P into ! Reporters going for Gujrat2002 kind of story become Story themselves !

Digvijay is always Right

Diggi is always Right ! If BJP shows little love towards Anglo Indians & Upper Caste XTian Converts like Jagan Reddy,

It will get all votes ! Only “Bone of Contention” is Conversion ! Indian Poors never convert !

If Kings like Diggi want & try , all poor will Convert & do “Ghar-Wapasi” within 1 month !

Indian poors are like ‘Kevat of Ramayan’ , who took Gold Ring of Lord Ram in his worst, most poor times ! Reason next 15 yrs I want Diggi-BJP to work together ! So many issues,wars etc,etc

Seems Diggi Chacha reads my posts, only last night i was raising him on advising Modi ji

15 yrs India needs Modi/Shivraj as PM & Diggi as Supreme “Maarg-Darshak”. We have Wars/Religious Wars/World Wars

The kind of Hindutva I want only (Diggi+BJP) can give. Have a National Govt for 15 yrs ! Save Energy wasted in fighting each other !

Digvijay a  born King can crush Mewanis,Hardiks etc

Modi Ji must note that Diggi is doing “Maa Narmada Tapasya” in old fashioned “Chandamama” way !

Either break his “Tapasya” in Old Fashioned way by sending an “Apsara” or align with him for 5 yrs !

Modi Ji unable to crush Media thinking of the cute interviews which beautiful Reporters will take post Retirement,

Too Middle Class  !

But Diggi a born “Kshatriya” has no such issue. He will crush Media,also save Brahmins from Neo Demons like Jignesh,Hardik etc, in old fashioned way ! May be Diggi as PM & Modi ji as HM ?

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