Goddess Almighty keeps you Subservient to Women you Love

Beautiful day in Hyderabad at the Pedamma Temple ! I also talked to my old female friend after almost 14 years ! Thanks Jews for Facebook ! Such a Healer it is  !

Funnily if just I Check my Hyderabad Assets (Only Savings ! ) i am back to my 14 yrs earlier stage ! Goddess Almighty keeps you humbled !

Always attend your beloved Marriage,if she invites, burn your Love in the “Agni” . I did mistake of not attending my Friend’s marriage, hence advising.

else Goddess of Love is very “Kaarmik” ! She will always keep you a “Chirkut” Aaashiq,subservient to your Beloved , No Matter whatever you become !

In extreme cases whenever your beloved is in some pain, you will also feel the same pain e.g Hospitals,Sickness etc ! So do attend your beloved Marriage for sure . I fall ill at same time when my beloved Kids are unwell or feel pain when she is in pain !

When I separated from my beloved Friend , I went on to deep into Politics.

My Vision on Politics was that  most of India’s Problems has 1 Single Solution, Single Party Stalin & Russian Comrades kind of Dictatorship ..with Gulaags,NYPD etc,etc 🙂

But Goddess Almighty Re-Connecting me with my lost Friend has given indication, we have 20 yrs more (2039) such Benign Dictatorship to avoid Bloodshed !

Salman Bhai an Ideal Lover which symbolizes Hindutva

Mitron, Salman Bhai epitomizes an Ideal Lover.,


unlike the Itchy, Congressi  Separatist SRK who usually snatches other Wives in Movies !

Salman Bhai sacrifices, Pure Sanghi/BJP Stuff & Role model .Mitron, as I said earlier, Always attend your Beloved Marriage as a Groom or as a “Gharaati”,

Serve the Guests , Bless the kids of your beloved .That’s Sanghi/BJP Ideology !A Sanghi loves many girls but can’t brand,Which Love was Sisterly, which was Motherly, which was Wifey and which just a Friend ?

Never Wish smallest Bad for Women you Love. Goddess Almighty Punishes Harshly

Also the Social Media built by Jews is “Kaarmik” or is it only for me ?

You can be a  Blood-Thirsty Tyrant but never be Cruel to someone on whom you Lust !

Facebook has Goddesses Soul ! My Evil Wish of seeing Madhuri Dance with Insulin Injections increased my own Sugar only ! I have to work hard to eliminate it !

I wished to see Madhuri dancing with Insulin Injections, but my own Sugar Levels Rose  !  Only sfter Strict Diet Regime, lot of Exercises ,I brought it down.

So, No more Cruel comments on Women !

May Madhuri Dance always without any Insulin Injections  I Retract my Evil Wish !

Mitron Hindu Gods & Goddesses are very “Kaarmic” ! They Punish a “Bhakt” more than rewarding him !

Reason Weaker Masses get attracted to Sufism/Buddhism etc !

but Tough or Evil guys always turn Hindu like Heinrich Himmler,Russian Comrades !

Only if they understand the “Kaarmic” Messages from God, it will be great for Humanity !This Post is like “Taantrik Pooja”  to repent .

Women you Love adds Dignity to you. Makes you a bit Self-Focused

Mitron, always keep 1 Good Female Friend in your Work Place, Not necessarily turning your GF or Wife !

She keeps you a bit Self-Focussed, else you turn fully “Vanar-Sena” whom Lord Ram gave only good Weapons, Fighting Skills ! No Wealth !

It’s bit difficult in practical World or “kaliyug” ! So don’t turn a stinky Congressi , Never Harm the System, be a Traitor to Party,Nation,Dharma etc ,

but be a little Self focused, My own Friend connected after long and I have once again a bit Self-Focussed.

Will do everything including Job & Politics but maintaining dignity,some Self-Focus & Thinking $$$!

Really what happened to me last 7.5 yrs ? Bad “Grahas” . Now I am so different !

Dedicate your Self-Less Political Work to your Beloved

BJP Online Warriors, I see you manytime Frustrated for not getting Returns for your Political efforts, “Dharma ki Raksha” !. You feel frustrated like Maharishi Valmiki !

Unfortunate, but it’s true that unlike Congressis ,BJP Warriors families won’t want to own up their Political Work ,as its Saintly !

No Wealth or Assets ! No Monetizing possible !

So BJP Mitron, always dedicate your Political Work to your beloved,allegorical Wife (s)  before Goddess Almighty !

Then it will be surely monetized ! I have done same for my Blog “ihindutva.com” Dedicated my “Tapasya” to my friend & her Kids !

Hindu “Asshiq” is the most Efficient Power. His Energy must be Harnessed


First Congress & then Bollywood Spoiled the Hindu “Aashiq” like Mirza Ghalib ! Hindu Aaashiq Never Self-Destructs ,but also never Moves-On.

Loving your parted beloved(whom you wanted to Marry ! ) Kids, No matter from ever she got her Kids, is the best Cardio Vascular Exercise !

Reduces your Resting Pulse Rate by 15-20 ! Guys with expertise in Moving-On usually get Heart Disease !

BJP Mitron, On Navratri End, a Message, i.e Love 1 or many Women around ,don’t let Sagarika Ghose,Kavita Krishnan Pollute them !

Goddess Almighty Complements & Fixes  your Weaknesses 

Congressis can Stoop to any level ,  btw only RIval Male Gods or Prophets are issues in Abrahamic groups ! Female Gods r not banned !

I can tell this little Secret but then the Blood-Shed will Stop, Suicide Belts for Virgins will Vanish  !

A Female God always complements & fixes your Weakness !

e.g I have good Business & Politics Sense, do well in building Cash, Value,Assets etc but I lack EQ and look for Relationship longevity !

Goddess Almighty creates situations to break my Loss-Making Relationships ruthlessly  which i would have dragged otherwise ! Only after getting back my beloved friend , I can understand this.

Finally got it, who is my Metaphorical Mother and who is Metaphorical Wife and both are Goddesses Incarnate !

Mitron, Personal and complex Astrological update ! “Maa Yamuna ne bulaaya”  aur Noida mein Europe ka maja diya around 2018  !

As usual, I missed out on an Europe Tour due to Workplace Dynamics but Maa Yamuna ensured that I enjoy Europe here !

Also Mitron, In Life there is One Job made for you, Yash Chopra style which heals all corporate wounds, satisfies all quest,romance but also tells you to quit Middle-Class Aspirations and make it last one .

I feel I got one, with so many Punjabi Women around, No more dirty Work places or full time jobs now.

Astrologically I feel, that as was told by Astrologer that influence of a Women who makes me work very Hard or “Nazar” gone. Astrologer made me threw some “Abhimantrit Bhasma” in Husaain Sagar Hyderabad . Worked slowly after 1.5 years ! I feel it now.

I can identify the Women and feel that indeed “Nazar”. She was my ex Boss, else why I was working for last 4 yrs ?

Doing things in more toughest environment  ? Its like “Maata ne Bulaaya” Call ! She went Overseas,’7 samundar paar’ for good. .

Also now it seems I have got a benign loving wife kind Angel ‘Driving my destiny’, who was there hidden last 25 years . She always wanted to fail in IIT Jee, take Life easy etc,etc :! 

Be in Administrative job like Army etc. If I was going overboard, she used to make me fall Sick, but like a soldier keep fighting,never listened !

But now I am listening to my hidden Angel ! Just Chilling,taking Leaves or Work from Home when needed ! Surprisingly astrology works for me ! It needs hell lot of patience and follow process & do karma !

A Man earns Wealth only for Women around him

Saturday Philosophical :: A Man is not supposed to have any Wealth. He is only supposed to make money for Women around him !

You may swim in Sea of Wealth ($$), but you will retain only that Wealth which is in Destiny of Women around you. I think I myself will have that much wealth only which the soul of my friend wishes.

Never Lust on long term Junior Colleagues. They are like Daughters

Media cooked all Fight stories between Sushma ji and Modi ji.

“Charitraheen” Luyten doesn’t know that a long term junior female colleague is like an extra Daughter given by Destiny to you.

She ties you in some “Karma-Bandhan” ,e.g Modi ji kept his Govt a bit “Congressi” in nature in Modi 1.0 ? So that Sushma/ Smriti can have some comfort.

 I was indeed lusting on few of my junior colleagues which was harming me. Only when my ex friend reconnected me, i can figure that out !

Women accelerate the Marak Process or Redeem you based on your Karma


Pragya talks Silly but “Maarak” is Science & comes from your present or past Birth Karmas. God gives you Opportunity to Redeem too.

e.g Doing Middle Class Job and thinking of ‘Money’ or Middle Class Pleasures is ‘Maarak’ for me. But being a BJP Online Warrior Redeems,Powers me !

Then Lusting on a Junior Colleague is a “Maarak’ . She is like that extra Daughter . Exploiting or Forcing a Women ,if she is helpless is ‘Maarak’ etc,etc. Women do accelerate the ‘Maarak’ process ☺️. Only when my ex friend reconnected me, i can figure that out !

For BJP leaders since Luytens have Betrayed,Cheated the Freedom given by Atal ji. Anyone having good Relations with Luyten will be a ‘Maarak’ . Be a Bigot & Live long !

After friend re-connected me and then gave me Promotion by giving her WhatsApp number ! .
Now I can see Life as a 3D Movie and understand Complex stuffs e.g’ !

I feel that my friend has traces of Goddess Lakshmi in her and my ex Wipro Boss has trace of Goddess Durga in her ! One was bit Wifey, One was like Mother.  I was lucky to have them in my lives !

Avoid Destiny making you a ‘Naari-Pradhaan’ Hero

Rishi Kapoor was only ‘Naari-Pradhaan’ Movie Hero of World !
Whether movie or life ,a ‘Naaari Pradhan’ hero’s scope is a bit Restrained. Ur scope revolves only around that ‘Women’ ! Check if Destiny turning u one !



A ‘Naari-Pradhan’ hero doesn’t makes his beloved marriage ugly or disrupts like SRK. Rather enhances the experience ! Have ‘Moksha’ Rishi Kapoor.






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