Playing Varna Syatem at Country Level

India must act as the ‘Brahmin’ between the ‘Kshatriya’ Russia & ‘Vaisya’ USA,make them play their Roles without antagonizing each other.

Putin/Trump have Hanuman’s Soul in him, for destroying problematic Arabs !

NATO minus USA is a Joke and USA must understand that it is a “Judao-Protestant” Business Nation, while Russia is a pure “Hindu Rashtra” with Purity of 4 Varna System i.e Communism !


Russian public love their ‘Kahstriya’ King, 12 million people laid down life for an allegedĀ  Monster like Stalin to defeat Nazis !

while USA public can’t take even 5000 casualties.

Nothing wrong in it for a business focused Nation, but then USA must not hinder Russia on NATO’s Provocation.

Uniting India-Russia-USA at Sole level, managing politics of them as one

“Vote-Katwa” concept used in USA…Probably Modi ji coached Trump

Modi ji also taught Trump on how to manage “Silent Majority” who hates Anarchy…Modi ji managing Putin well too

USA/Russia all set to turn Greater UP. Be careful that Congress/SP/BSP don’t take UP 100 yrs Silly stuff….Soul of UP,the land of Ram & Krishna has to Rise for World.

Israel-UAE deal is the first step in that direction.

Happy for Israel the first country I visited. 2nd was Germany !

Ayodhya-Jerusalem(via Mathura),Ayodhya-Seoul,Ayodhya-Jakarta corridors feasible.

Sadly I haven’t gone to USA yet but with Joe Biden it seems to learn few Congressi tricks like (Black+ Converted Hindu) as VP !

Russians as usual r on right track . Launched Corona Vaccine on Janmashtami ! Modi ji save Mother Russia from Chinese Demographic Invasion. Unite Volga & Ganga. India-Russia-USA must become one in Soul.
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