India can make ‘Brahmin’ Terrorists equal to Pakistan Army with 100 % Reservation ! Never Mess !

Britishers used India’s Marital Races to Win World Wars & Rule us !

After Pathankot attack, India must sometime Teach Pakistan on how an Airbase is attacked ,

India can make only¬† ‘Brahmin’ Terrorists equal to Pakistan Army with 100 % Reservation,

So many Communities are there in India with natural “Marital Skills”.

India can make 'Brahmin' Terrorists equal to Pakistan Army
even Brahmins are Martial in India

Pakistan should have all the Monday Blues, Friday Masti etc,etc

Modi Govt must not feel shy of any Covert Operation,

Rather, proudly Own it !

Pakistan or any Nation must know that India can produce exclusively ‘Brahmin’ Terrorists equal to their whole Army !

With 100% ‘Brahmin only Reservation’, as Terrorists !

Congress,Left never Play on India’s Strength, rather excavate Weakness

So Don’t ever F**k with India.

Its Congress and Nehru’s Weakness which debars India from playing on its Strengths,

rather made it play only on Weakness and appear to get thrashed even by Pakistan.

India never plays upon its strength, rather Congress and Opposition play upon its Weaknesses

Great Post,if u read Hindi ! Waris Pathan,Owaisi etc are ‘Shisya’ of Modi ji who remind us to play on India”s Strength.

Even after suffering for 1000 of years,India never plays on its Strength. e.g if u give 100 percent Reservations to Brahmins,u can have 1 crore plus Brahmin only ‘Parshuram Army which can eliminate any Monsters.

India must play on its Strengths.Congress-Left etc play on its Weakness. Only Modi ji shd have License to talk on Buddha,Gandhi,Ambedkar !

Further Talibanis,Salafis,Wahabis will be best friends of India. It’s Congressi moderate MuslimsSufis which do tha max damage to India & World. They create Pakistan(s)..
As this post shows and I have said too that due to lack of Caste System a Congressi Moderate Muslim makes life of Poor ones difficult !

e.g Can a ‘Thakur’ ask poor women to sit in Saheenbagh in cold ? He has to sit himself !

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