Too much Attempt to avoid  Collateral Damage not only affects Army’s Morale but  India’s too

Pampore encounter brings out one important Weakness which Indian Army has when compared to Pakistani Army.

Pakistani Army never cares for its citizens and hence it kills Militants fast, e.g both Peshawar & Baccha Khan kids keep dying despite Army being there but Terrorists were killed in 5 hrs ?

Indian Army Strategy causes Casualties
Indian Army Strategy causes Casualties

Indian Army here first evacuated all the ‘Azaadi’ Kashmiris out, then what were they saving, the building ?

Just drop 1 Big Bomb on it ! or Kasmiris will feel bad  for a building ? Indian Army must learn from Pakistanis. Life of Soldiers is precious !

Why dont Indian Army Blows u such buildings ?
Why dont Indian Army Blows u such buildings ?

next Time ,Army must Test ‘Bheesma’ Tank there, just blow the damn building up.,what a Shame, the building has no Scratch in end !

but 2 Captains, 2 Soldiers dead ?  Joke ! If Army blows up whole buildings, no Kashmiri will hide Terrorists.

Indian Army slowly improving under Modi

Good,Indian Army learning to Fight Low-Intensity Fights but being in Constant Conflict Mode !

For Jehadis or Pakistanis, never use heavy Weapons and kill Innocents like America do, that makes them Martyrs.

Use Small,Old Fashioned way and sometimes Hands .

but Modi ji must utilize 45+ Software guys to build the Capacity to build 20000 Tanks,5000 Tejas Planes,1 cr Guns etc on Short Notice, beside building Anti-Nuclear Defense system.

Indian Muslims won’t mind if you are Tough with Jehadis

The more Old Fashioned way you Kill Jehadis, sometimes with Bows & Arrows,Mace,Hands , the better you will Control !

Kashmir Police must start thrashing like U.P PAC & Free Army for much Bigger & Complex Tasks !

“Chaarpaayi pe litakar pitaayi” & then Snatch Jehadi’s Watches,Chains, Rings,Cash  like U.P PAC does.

With Jehadis you have to Make it Cheap like U.P PAC !

Using Army but not allowing to do Mass-Murder & Collateral-Damage (Tanks,Jets etc) gives Respect & Create Valour Stories for Jehadis !

Sushma ji is Joking,Modi ji must openly accept that General VK Singh is guiding the Fight against ISIS and those 39 Indians are Security guys and are either Martyred or still Fighting !

ISIS don’t take Male Prisoners !

Modi ji must End the Congressi Drama  which Gandhi started. Doing “Khilafat” to hide War against Ottoman ! They really deserved a  Jinnah rising among their ranks  !

This Drama that Indian Muslims will get tensed coz of India Fighting ISIS, is Congressi Crap that must go..

I feel Gen VK Singh played major Role in Bumping ISIS & Stablizing Iraq. He gets lots of Respect there

Iraq was created by Indian Soldiers only in 1914 WW1. Now same must be done in Afghanistan.

Modi ji must openly accept it. Indian Muslims will Love it.Indian Muslims will Respect Modi ji if he accepts Killing like “Kshatriya” .

Modi ji is Genius, Like VK Singh, always keep a General as Foreign Minister, along with Sushma kind of Mother

Don’t give Glory & Honor to Enemies by your Ethical behavior

Great, if CRPF can do it, why can’t Army do it ? Why don’t Army shoot down any guy moving suspiciously close to it ?

Indian Army has won all Wars from 1914(Ottoman),1943 (Japan) to Pakistan Wars. But the Nehruvian Romanticism which harmed it in 1962 still haunts it.

Coz of Army’s Moral,Romantic behaviour,Jehadis get Legitimacy & Honour ,e.g 19 hrs encounter, just to save blowing 1 building ! Jehadis brand it Weak “Baniya”  behavior

Indian Army has great fighting skills, they need a bit Rioter mindset.

People can mock RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat, but only difference between Hitler & Stalin was that Germany has just Professional Army, Stalin had all the Peasants fighting for Russia

If RSS ready to provide 2nd level backup, and is doing social work in peace times ? Isn’t it good ? After all so much Violence,Stalin & Comrades did, just to produce RSS like cadre ?

Indian Army has disproportionate size of Upper Caste

There is disproportionate representation of General Category in Army. They cant be assertive like Pakistani Army ! They are just supposed to die for Civilian Follies, Cant Kill proactively too !

To be Fair to British, they won 2 World wars (Ottoman&Japan) with same Indian Army with min Deaths ! Also no Kashmiri Revolt under British ☺

True Social Justice wont be done till General Category are removed from Army,Para,Pvt Sector and put in easy Jobs like Teaching, R&D,Sports !

BJP Online Warriors or Bhakts have given 1 OBC PM,1 Dalit President. They must fix this for greater Social Justice.

Cost Cutting is a Farce and Joke played by Politicians on Army

Just Rs 5000 cr saving ? Take it from Congress leaders !

I do agree that Indian Army needs to change a bit, it is still too British in structure and over it made Romantic by Congress !

But no Compromise on numbers, like Soviet Union, it must be 1.3 cr plus with Para-Forces too under Army . We live in Funny neighborhood.

Modi taught Indian Army to Win Cheap Wars

Modii ji has taught Indian Army to kill,rather than die in Small and Cheap,Treacherous Fights too, beside enabling it to win big wars.

Indian Army was big Winner in World Wars e.g Ottoman,Japan or post 1947 wars, but was bad in Small/Cheap Wars.Congress has made Army a bit Romantic & Congressi ☺, e.g these PAK BAT guys have came to cut Heads to Scare,while Imran talks Peace !

Indian Army has bad tools. Modi is fixing

Good that Modi ji politicized it. Pakistani Army has much better Bullet-Proofs, Guns etc allowed to do Collateral Damage with Terrorists etc,etc. Here  our Army is supposed to even avoid damages to buildings,else Kashmiris will feel bad  and that too without Bulletproof jacket/helmet ! 

Reason Major level Officers are sadly dying in petty encounters. A Major dying saving Collateral Damage will only boost  Mujahid ‘Bravery’ Fantasies,produce more Terrorists. 
Its a Shame, and Modi ji must fix it asap. Military first , then only rest can prosper. British kept Indian Military much powerful ! World War winners !

Indian Army Romanticism creates fake stories of Valor for terrorists


Why not blow the houses at beginning or use Gas as Russia uses ? 1-2 Hostage dying is fine. 

Must say Indian Army has strange kind of Romanticism which Congress Govts have put ! It can win battles but not war. 

You don’t have to win Hearts. You don’t have to be scared of doing collateral damage. It’s ur Job ! Only then u will appear the most ‘Benevolent & Merciful’. Indians r root cause of Jehadi Terrorism. First they gave numbers & dignity to Arabs via Sufism,then even after defeating Ottoman in WW1,Japan in WW2 lost Security Council seat. Supported Khilafat,Divided themselves over few Riots,allowed Kashmir Insurgency etc,etc ! Royal Screw-Up. One Colonel dying even with avoiding hostage deaths,makes petty terrorists hero of folk tales of fake valour ! 

Modi ji has fixed to some extent but it will take 10-15 yrs to fully fix this Romanticism

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