Islam Saved Hinsuism from having 100 Prophets

Denouncing terrorism at the World Sufi Forum today, PM Modi said that Allah has 99 names and none of them stands for violence.

Yes, Moon God always turns out the same,for everyone in “Dev-Daanav” story ! .everything in Islam benefits Sanatan Dharma !

Dev,Daanav Story goes on.
Dev,Daanav Story goes on.

e.g if Prophets not banned, then 100 Prophets  by now in India !

Avatars first lived Hard ‘Karma’ Life then only respected .e.g Krishna lived as Looser !

Ram didn’t got any happiness in Life. Don’t feel ashamed of Congress Set-Ups like Mughals, you still vote it ? coz of the small-time Cheap benefits !

Jainism,Buddhism got Animal Sacrifices banned in Sanatan Dharma ! Masses missed tasty Dishes  !

Sufis filled the Gap ! beside Spirituality they also Cooked very good Chicken Curry !

Basics must not be Ignored !

Islam keeps Hinduism Strong and Vaccinated

Himmler the Leader of Naazis was Hindu, Hitler was just face !

Russian Comrades were mostly Hindus ! They just didn’t knew where is the “Red-Line” which they shouldn’t Cross.

A person who is born Hindu knows the “Red-Line”.

Tulsidas & Ramanad Sagar made it Cartoonish else Ideology of Lord Ram is most Powerful thing ever !

Buddhism has Weakened Hinduism, Islam Vaccinated it, made it Strong again.

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