North East will Rule India in Future as they are more Broad Minded

While Keralites and the Dravidian Tamils are busy hating Modi, Hindi, BJP ,Cow,Hindutva etc,

North East Patriots under Modi ji are trying to bring even Mayan Civilization into Sanatan Dharma Fold ,

coz anything Tribal/Exotic is Sanatan & Lord Ram spent his life among Tribals & Loved them !

i see that Kerala Leftists, TN DMK/AIDMK guys hate Modi coz Gujju Bhai played foul , learned Hindi and started Ruling U.P & India.

How will they digest when North East guys who give “Full-Body-Massage”  in SPAs now, start learning Hindi,Ruling U.P & India ?

Now Mother Teresa name will not get Jobs even in MNCs.I am sure under Modi ji, North East guys will start respecting Cow too very soon when shown benefits to Farmer/India

& most of them will Re-Convert back too !

Buddhism was also an Upper Caste Agenda only

Leftists including Bengalis must understand that Buddhism they love so much over the ancient Sanatan Dharma is also a North Indian , ‘Upper-Caste’ stuff !

Kerala & Congress are reviving the ancient Hindutva. Kerala specially is turning new “Kalinga” ! One “Kalinga” brought Buddhism, other one i.e Kerala will finish it.Good. Will Restore pure “Dharma” !

Cow Economy eliminates Tractor/Diesel/Harvestors coz of which Farmers are indirectly paying heavy tax and getting screwed !

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