Maratha Empire lost coz Congress forefathers shifted their “Slavery by Choice” from Mughals to British !

When the Congressis ditched Mughals for British, Marathas Fire within got extinguished.

Marathas ran Hindu Empire for 200 yrs over whole India , very Good, very brave noble, but driven mostly by “Hate of Mughals”

Mughal Set-Up was nothing but Congress Set-up !

So when the Congressis of those times  ditched Mughals for British, Marathas ‘Fire got extinguished’, they ‘Dis-United’ and decayed.

So BJP ‘Bhakts’ Stand & Fight for ‘Dharma’,but  not be driven by hate,We have to restore ‘Dharma’ back.

Maratha Empire
Shiva ji Maharaj
Shiva ji Maharaj

I used to be surprised why Marathas couldn’t destroy the British but were able to do same with Mughals and Portuguese.

Then why Congress almost Ruled all 60 yrs over Maharashtra !

first British, then Sonia ! how did Maharashtra fell to them ?
first British, then Sonia ! how did Maharashtra fell to them ?

Dharma’ doesn’t mean Hindu-Muslim Stuff only

What a Contrast ? I analyzed and answer is what I up-hold always !

I keep saying ‘Dharma’ doesn’t mean Hindu-Muslim thing in which Congress & Left keep us busy.

Its what Lord Ram did, what Lord Krishna told and did when other faiths were not even there..

Maratha Glory can be revived by U.P becoming Greater Maharashtra

U.P is becoming Greater Maharashtra  !

U.P guys will build skills in “Skill-India” & do Jobs in Europe,Russia,China

Indians must stop 3rd World Cheapo Middle Class fights on Jobs & unite ‘Communism & Hindutva’ !

The stronger the Hindutva, the more the Liberal, Arabs will turn. Islam freed India from ‘Buddhist Influence & Cancer’.

Once Hindutva becomes strong, Arabs will turn Liberal naturally

Congress makes Marathi people Weak

Great, Tough Marathi Women should be with BJP. Why should Congress get even 1 seat in Maharashtra ?

Congress Weaken the Marathi public. Keep them tied in silly things and in infinite loops and Luxuries like Ambedkar etc,etc.

India is not so Militarily strong to indulge in Luxuries like Ambedkar,Secularism etc,etc…USA did all this after 200 yrs.

Also see Gadkari here. Those who are getting Orgasms on his Sane advises, fail to see that he is acting like Pure Brahmin, who is giving sane advises to Emperor Modi ji while doing his own Job best way.

Brahmins are supposed to perform best themselves, give best inputs to Kings las Gadkari is now doing to Emperor Modi ji.

if Marathis learn a bit business, it will be the best thing for India

Happy to see Marathis learning to good business. My 1 year “Tapasya” in Maharashtra while doing a silly job worked !

Why should NDTV and other Media only make money by abusing BJP. Why shouldn’t “Saamna” be making money by abusing BJP ?

But no compromise on Politics. Marathis were not business minded, reason Tilak-Savarkar couldn’t tackle Bapu-Chacha duo.

Modi ji fixed it now. Jai Maharashtra, Jai Uttar Pradesh. Jai BJP ruled states.

Local Maratha Leaders like Shiv Sena lack Strategic Depth & can be fooled by Pawar types

With NCP-Congress as partners ,Aditya Thakrey Career will end before it started.

Aditya Thakrey must have tried to be a Liberal Hero while being in Power with BJP.
Good Riddance for BJP. Shivsena weakens it.

A lesson for Modi ji too.You are branded Mass Murderer, your part is branded Fascist,Dictatorial etc,etc
How can you give Padma Vibhusan to Sharad Pawar ?

Shiv Sena’s Jealousy of Fadanvis shows what all wrong with Maharashtra

For 20 yrs focus only on U.P ,it will change & lead the World.

Unlike Maharashtra when U.P wants to enjoy Caste Politics,it keeps BJP at no. 4 but when it wants Work no one is even close to BJP.

U.P has Strategic Vision.

Devendra Fadanvis is PM stuff in 2029.Silly Shivsena destroying his chances. Sharad Pawar is Curse for Maharashtra. Why Shivsena feels Slavish to him ?

Delhi Police is embarrassing & weak ! Can the layers do the same to U.P Police ? Beside beating they will steal Lawyer’s Gold Chains,Watches,Mobiles etc.

Revive U.P , a Sleeping Giant of 5000+ yrs. It will build a new India and lead the World .

Modi got some respect to Sharad Pawar before his death , leading to Single Party System

Take Maharashtra Drama as entertainment(Devendra Fadnvis resigning after aligning with Ajith Pawar) . It is like same tactic as loosing 3 states before 2019 elections.

Unless u turn Single party System, u have to appear Stupid,loosing ☺️ etc at times so that all anger can be busted. Piddis & Media be a bit happy.

Also Chautala’s,Pawars slowly merging to BJP. Medieval garbages like Shivsena, Samajwaadis,Congress etc being finished

But 1 good thing Modi ji has done. He has allowed Sharad Pawar to take revenge of his 1997 humiliation in Congress. Now Pawar is even bigger than Sonia !

When Bad Pawar goes,Congress goes.Good Pawar/Chautalas will join BJP and we move toward Single Party System.

Pawar is undisputed biggest leader of UPA now. He was trying to take over Congress from 1980s

But his Greed used to get better of him and he used to come back Shamelessly ☺️to Gandhi family Slavery !

Modi ji freed him,filled his dream before his death…”Modi hai to mumkin hai” !

Rest , Politics as this post explains. Younger Chautalas/Pawars will join BJP.Older will die. Medieval trash like Congress,Shivsena,Samajwaadis & other regional parties will be finished

And we move to 1 party system. India has to scale now.Medieval trash won’t allow it to scale Big

Shameful fall of Shivsena will be like a ‘Bali’ to strengthen BJP.

Maharashtra gave Shivaji but it also gave Ambedkar brand of Politics

with lots of Franchises like Periyar etc.

These Franchises won’t add any extra land or resources to India but will invent 100 ways to weaken from within a Benign Set-Up and will fall slaves to the next Murderous Ideology !

Happening since last 2500 yrs ! Shivsena end or merger with Congress,few state losses for BJP will fix this. 2024 mein ‘phir se Modi’ !

Congress kept Maharashtra in 1970s.

Trust Congress to take u back to 1970s always ! They do Big Corruption along with “Hafta Waooli’ too. Great Skills !
Central Govt must use Article 356,take over State Govt and Vaccinate all the adults in Maharashtra for Corona.
Further *Hindutva ki koi Branch nahin BJP ke siva” ! Shiv Sena,Swamy etc etc all r just Congi Business !
Even if u want pure Stalin kind Communism without Purges,Gulaags,Violence etc ,that fun too BJP can give. Mithun Da and Bengali people now getting it
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