Cow keeps Hindus a bit decent

Mitron, don’t make Cow as Weakness.Modi ji must make most Strict Laws to Protect Desi Cows only, like Black Buck.

Rest don’t care about Jersey, American or Mixed Breed Cows.Whole Leftist Politics around Cow has to be finished, once for all..

Sanatan Dharma minus ” Love for Cow” is as Ruthless & Brutal as Stalin’s Communism !

Cow keeps Hindus a bit Decent !

The day they get rid of the Weakness for Cow, then Russian Comrades will appear just Bhajan Singers before Hindu Warriors !!

Media, Leftists and Congress guys must know that they are arousing a Monster by making Hindus passive and not caring for Cow !

Shobha Day caused a great Outrage recently when she mocked Olypmpic Athletes but No mass Outrage when she talks against Cow,that was Cool.?

Such people lack Discipline and  cause great damage in War kind of Situation. !

Reason Stalin, the first ” Maargdarshak” of BJP  designed ” Gulaags”  or Labor Camps for them ! where Shoba De will be cleaning Utensils for her daily Meal !

Sanatan Dharma minus Cow is same as Stalin’s Communism.Modi ji must remove the Cow Weakness of Indians.

My dream of making India and Russia same brother Hindu Rashtras will be achieved,

but what Modi ji is saying is important on Gau-Rakshaks , he should have also said that most of Gau-Rakshaks are Congressisin disguise.

Dalits are the purest Hindus, they should be made Priests,Entrepreneur etc , etc. Works like Skinning, Sewage  etc can be given on Contract.

Congressis,Media will never make us Move-On from Cow ! 

Modi ji has rightly slowly made us passive towards Cow coz Desi Cows are hardly Left & Most are Cross Breed !

With this Hindutva & Stalin’s Communism will become same !

In Communism too Comrade who Clears Gutter does with same pleasure as Comrade who rules. Both do Hard “Karma” !  Like 4 Varna System.

Stalin was a Bastard for Traitors but he was what an Ideal Hindu should be, Saintly Ruler! he Loved to eat Banaanas/Fish more than Beef !

his successor Kruschev got Obsessed with Steak   & Messed ! Stalin’s Food Habits were almost Pure Hindu  !

He Loved Fish & Lamb, Bananas & Beef rarely but wanted all Food Items from Soup to Main Course to Deserts to be served at once !

Reason was there was Food shortage and Beef more costly to produce.. Kruschev lost Control in Good days & USSR lost !

Same way Hindus must not eat Beef but Respect Desi Cow only !  Hardly few left, Most are Cross Breed.

Hindus Habits naturally tuned for War which USSR faced in 1914-53

((Hindutva minus Cow)==Stalin’s Communism )

the way Media, Congress shows, it makes you believe that only Cow-Hide is used to make Leather !  If we just burry the dead Cow,Leather will not be made ever !

This is the way Buddhist Viharas have Corrupted Society since 2500 yrs !

2 Strategic Varnas Kshatriya,Dalits like 2 Wheels of a Vehicle removed !

So never blame a Mullah Omar type Jehadi  when he blows up Nalandas, he is just on the “Duty of Satan” ! Better fix things yourself or Satan will do !

Post CAA Amendment, if Hindus just Move-On from Cow Obsession, they can convert half of the World !

One thing CAA protest proved that there was no Caste discrimination or the guys doing it were the forefathers of the current CAA protestors ☺️ who colluded with Mughal/British to make Poor’s life bad.

70 perc of Migrants benefitting from CAA r Dalits. How can ppl oppose it ?

Also those who mock Manusmriti( not a main book !) r ready to give the Upper Caste Pleasure to Arabs by following their ideology and Arabs doing nothing in return for them ! Arabs share nothing for Upper Caste Pleasure ☺️

Further if Hindu change their Obsession for Cow. Consider only Desi Cow Sacred & a Man thing like Bullet bike,
don’t allow mix breeding with foreign Cow, Drop the Greed for Dairy etc,etc,Hinduism can Convert the World heavily !

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