So many small Islamic States all set to become Greater NDA like Afghanistan !

Modi’s Afgan visit is an indication of future,if Indians behave like BJP ‘Bhakts’ & ‘Stick’ to Modi ji till 2029 !

Many small Muslim States turn Greater NDA e.g Afganistan !
Many small Muslim States turn Greater NDA e.g Afganistan !

Indians have to shed their Buddhist Weakness/Corruption

If Indians don’t shed their Buddhist Weakness/Corruption which makes them “Hate-Ridicule,-Mock-Conspire” against any person or thing strong in Sanatan Dharma like Modi ji,

they have to Live in Fear & Slavery & whole World will be disturbed !

Pakistan or supposedly Secular Gandhian Congress were supposed to lead Islamic Nations but they both Failed as they are Buddhist actually.

~ Only true Hindutva BJP will lead the small Islamic Nations..

Afganistan Positioning themselves as Backward ” Kshatriyas”

Modi ji making Afganistan as Greater NDA.Afgans can always fit in as “Backwards” in Indian Caste System !

Afgans better “Backwards” than Lalu & Akhilesh type who can be Slaves to Nawaz Sharif  like they are to Sonia now !

Samajwaadis need a ‘Pole to Wet’ or Landlord to ‘Hate or to be Slave’ to !

We helped making one solid OBC,”Teli” Modi as PM & see whole Afganistan positioning themselves as Backward ” Kshatriyas” of 4 Varna System !

‘Upper Caste Mean Converts’, i.e the Pakistanis won’t be able to Catch-Up !

Just make 1 more solid OBC Shivraj Chauhan as PM, Whole Afghanistan will Convert to Shivraj’s Caste ! But no Ambedkarite pls

India-Afganistan-Tazakistan-Kazakistan-Arabs & Jews moving back into Lord Ram’s era 

where Ram used to manage tiny Ayodhya himself but virtually Rule over whole Asia from Arabia to Indonesia , better than even USSR.

Magic of Modi ji & BJP. In this ,we don’t need Congressis along with Obdullahas !

Who can’t even Manage or Vanish 4 Districts of Kashmir ?

Congis should have accepted Jinnah as Pakistan. Congress-Pakistan Relationship is like “Date-Rape Complaints” !

BJP Warriors lets Move-On India from these “Date-Rape” Complaints ! This includes Medieval Period or Sufi Obsession !

Arabs behaving as Greater NDA, much better than Mamta Banerjee ?

Funny that Arabs treat Modi ji as equal while ultra intellectual Congressis as ‘Untouchables’ !

I keep telling that Talibans may turn ‘Ram-Bhakts’, Wahabi Arabs best friends

but Love selling Sufis(Pakistan !)  will remain the worst enemies ! coz its a Congressi stuff promoted by Raja ManSingh to Ram Jethmalani types !

Modi  has changed  Muslim World drastically ! Surprising !

Modi ji has changed Muslim World. Arabs,Afgans behave as Greater NDA.

Pakistani Taliban,Balooch behave as ‘Ram-Bhakts’ .Take revenge for him.

In India Modi ji produced Shazia type globally acceptable Women leaders,

Only Sufis hate him  coz as i say that both Sufism,Bhakti moment were Congressi stuff promoted by Diggi’s forefathers kind kings.

They promoted hatred,caste divisions and loaded Hindus with guilt !

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