Army/Para Forces Fighting a Battle with Demons Created by  Leftists

Good-Work Army, but Jehadis & Maoists are just Symptoms, the ‘Real-Disease’ are the #NotInMyName Gang

Every 10 yr this #NotInMyName Gang will generate enough hatred to generate enough Jehadis/Maoists..

Modi ji must Crush/Destroy them like Stalin or at least fight them, like Donald Trump, rather than appearing their Jinxed “Aaashiq” !

China has surrendered to Maoism ! Rajnath fighting this ! In a way it is good that Leftist Eco System busy in Cow ! Ignoring this !

Only India can defeat Maoism militarily & socially , to which China surrendered.That too under a Bollywood Villain ” Thakur” Rajnath Singh !

But unfortunately , In India ,till Congress Leaders start dying ,every Murderer is Anti-Brahmin Fighter !

Modi must not repeat the same mistake which Atal did

Modi ji did the same silly mistake of Atal ji by talking too much on Cow Vigilantes,he should have just remained silent. Goons & their Paymasters would have tired themselves Out

Unlike Atal ji,Advani ji, Modi ji is Young & even worst , he is used to Power & Winning,

if he Looses 2024, BJP has to replace him by Shivraj or another Liberal leader for 2029 and have to Move-On from him  !

coz otherwise his Life will be made Hell by #NotInMyName gang .BJP “Bhakts” are mature & they will Move-On to Shivraj Chauhaan who is a better Rascal  and does much better Gandhian Drama !

Modi ji for his own Good must destroy Media & Leftist Ecosystem & never repeat such Atal ji kind of “Emotional-Foolishness”

I am just saying that if Modi ji can’t Crush Leftist Ecosystem in peace,Time of Strength,then how will he crush them during War-Time ?

How long Army and Para Forces can fight these Leftists Demons

I am sure that if there is a War like World War where Kolkotta or Kerala or Delhi start getting Hit , most Leftist-Ecosystem will readily surrender to any enemy,

Kudos to our Army that be it WW1 or WW2 or Pakistan Wars or China Wars, no Enemy has been able to cross beyond few miles ever !

Performance matters, Shivraj Chauhan can digest 10 SIMI Encounters,Vyapam,Farmers etc,

& Rascal M.P Congress Leaders  like Diggi as Opponent ,where as Modi ji can’t digest 1 Encounter for 10 yrs ?

Isn’t Shivraj Chauhaan a better PM material, if Modi ji looses 2029 ?

No Teesta,Rahul Sinha in M.P despite Shivraj killing so many !

Corporate School destroying our Kids

Mitron, dont get your Kids educated in Corporate Schools !
They all will turn Rahul Gandhi ! Believer of Hindu Terrorism !

Even USA will not give them Jobs now,they will get sued like AAPTard Raghav Chhadha & you have to Pay !

Modi ji must destroy the whole Media,Intellectuals Eco-System.

Remove the Middle Class Mindset Ministers in Modi Govt

Modi ji has filled so many Middle Class Ministers who will talk all BS, but won’t blame Congress/Media for this !

Or even say that Cow is Costly Item,any Villager can Kill for it !

Want a clean Image for themselves or scared of 5-10 cr Rs Defamation suites.3rd World Middle Class Clerks !

BJP needs Diggi Raja kind of Kings or mine kind of Paupers, who are either not scared of Rs5-10 cr Defamation suites and also not afraid of going to Jail for few yrs !

Middle Class really Sucks !

BJP leaders appear pleading Leftists like  Saree selling smalltime  Trader

Modi ji tries to explain things like a “Baniya selling Sarees on Cycle ” ! BJP guys still very bad in Communication & neither do they crush Media.

Just plainly tell that Raffaile can deliver small tactical Nuclear Weapons if needed on a ‘Rogue-Enemy’

And India may need 5000-10000 of Raffailes on short notice to fight an Islamic NATO or ISIS kind of thing or any other big size enemy.

Only Ambanis-Tata can build it ! HAL planes will have burst tyres !

Modi must develop Balls of Steel

Modi ji has “Balls of Steel” to stand with all the weak sections of Nation,who could do some good for India, be it Poor Upper Caste,Muslim Women , Sexy & Handsome Dalits like Paswan (s) etc,etc

But both Atal ji/ Modi ji ,though very hard on external enemies and terrorists etc,sadly were ultra soft on internal enemies

Journalists/Luyten intellects should be kept on verge of “Begging on a Signal” ☺, if not in Gulaags. But Atal & Modi ji made them Rich , mostly just by abusing BJP ! Shivraj Chauhaan will fix it on 2024.

On Ram Temple, Avatars cant be tied in Temples or “Bhakti Moment”, specially Lord Ram,who signifies Power.

Lord Krishna has still some Romantic Component but Lord Ram never.

AlreadyTulsidas has given stuff to Leftists by his writings to Leftists to abuse Ram (mostly Ravan’s Dialogues !)

Valmiki was scientific,with astronomical details to calculate time of events,”Idiot-Proofing”. Tulsidaas tied Ram in ‘Bhakti Romanticism’.

So “Mandir wahin banega,bjp hi banayegi” , but at Right Time. Trust BJP

Now Modi ji is showing his “Balls of Steel”. Atal ji was too soft on those who ‘Harm within the System, gave us lot of Amartya Sens,Brijesh Mishra etc

Modi ji has to die as a branded Mass Murderer ☺, so he must not care for his image or Respect & Grace from Luyten, Media.

Take Tough decisions for Goodness of India ,destroy Congressi Ecosystem and make Media guy just on the verge of begging !

Poor guys make good and honest Journalists !

Modi paving the way for a Dictator by not abusing Media like Trump

By not Crushing media like “The Hindu” , or abusing them like Trump. Modi ji is paving the way for a future Dictator, who will put them into “Gulaags”.

I must praise Pakistan Army, that they handle their Democratic Leaders well ☺ periodically ! Reason for its small size, they are much better loaded with Weapons,Bullet-Proofs,Guns,Vehicles etc,etc.

Even Chinese Army could force Xi-Ping to turn Life long Dictator to keep Army strong. But Indian Army always has “Congressi” issues !
Indians want fun of USA democracy, without the Sacrifices. Their President Trump openly abuses Media,eliminating the need of a Dictator to send them to Labour Camps.

Here BJP leaders cant even boycott few channels, forget about abusing. They appear real Slaves of Media/Luyten, just for some 3rd World Middle Class benefits, like Spokesperson Job !

Trump is right in humiliating India a bit

Trump is Right in humiliating India a bit !

India can allocate 1.5 lakh Paramillitary for Afghan for 25 yrs which will solve all problems. After all Afghan was by product of India’s experiment with Peace or AntiVarna Buddhism.

We owe to solve it,but the way India has been turned a Cheapo Middle Class society by Congress and its cronies where every 5000 yrs exploitation story is for some Govt Plot or Govt Job !

That India looses strategic opportunity to gain lands,resources etc ,struggles to control 4 districts . Tries to accomodate/romanticize any Nonsence as Anti-Brahmin stuff.

Narendra Modi softness to Luyten harmed Corona fight. They weakened Power of Ayurveda.

Allopathy & Ayurveda can work together. Issue is due to Nehruvian education, Luyten,Media who r miles away from Science, talk max of Science to mock Indian traditional Medicine & then make everyone including Scientists,Doctors to fail collectively in Science 😊 then cry on Indian skills . Such bad system is Nehruvian !
My almost 50% team got Covid, Wearing Mask,taking Coronil,Swasari,Anu Taila & ‘Abhyantar Pranayam’ probably saved me. As soon as get chance, will get Vaccinated. If DRDO 2G is available,will keep that too. Why can’t Ayurved-Allopath work together ? China mixes them well.
Why don’t Modi ji order 5 cr DRDO 2G Medicine ? Reminds me of “Tel” word in IITK days. U r Capable to solve a problem,know & have the solution before u, but can’t solve it in stipulated time ! Such guys were called “Telu” !
May be Rajnath or Yogi for 2024 🤔 But then they r from Social Justice Villain Caste “Thakur” ! Complex situation 🤔
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