Missionaries  can’t Suppress the Native ‘Sanatani’ in Russians

Missionaries did a real bad Job in Russia, they successfully converted Greek Mythology into ‘NDTV Imagine’ type TV Serial Stories,

but can’t suppress the native ‘Sanatani’ in Russians !

over that Russia produced great BJP’s first ‘Maarg-Darshak’ Stalin who didn’t liked even Russian Orthodox Church, purest Sanatani !

Reason Stalin & Comrades could finish Swastik Thieves,fake ‘Aryan’ Naazis !

Russian Orthodox Church,Shoddy copy of Sanatan Dharma
Rituals in Russian orthodox Church

People keep getting fooled assuming Russia is a XTian Nation..

The spokesman for the Russian Orthodox Church blessed Vladimir Putin’s Syrian intervention as a sacred crusade.

Jihadis in Syria happen to agree ! I keep telling that Devil or ‘Shaitaan’ is Hindu !Russian Orthodox Church is a shoddy adaptation of Santan Dharma,

they do ‘Aaayudha-Pooja’, Holy Water on Weapons !


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