U.P must Revive a Benevolent Stalin’s Soviet Union !

It may happen or not but I am not happy with the way BJP Leaders have behaved in Samajwaadi & treacherous way whenever they got power in U.P

If Stalin in Russia could have “Gulaags”,Firing Squads for such Traitors, Modi ji must at least use “Chappal”  Thrashing for such Leaders !

U.P expects BJP to give Lord Ram’s Kick,

If we give, No Body can come even Close to us e.g (73/80) seats in 2014. If we don’t give Lord Ram’s Kick , People Punish us Hard !

In 1990s when BJP used to give Lord Ram Kick to U.P, we used to Win 60+ seats !

Samajwaadis max score till date is 32 seats. We used to Win even more seats when Ram-Temple was not an issue e.g 1998

Now till 2022 BJP has to give “Kevat” Kick to Poor,

i.e Give something, however small from your own Money, When you yourself are in Pain,Poverty .

Like Lord Ram gave “Kevat” his Ring for his small Service, when he himself was Penny-less !

U.P & Bihar Masses want this “Kevat” Kick

Cheapo Samajwaadis can never give it. People know it, but when BJP guys start acting like Samajwaadis on Tickets/Positions, it hurts them & they punish Hard !

Remember when Karna Protested that he was a Shudra , while Parshuram was cursing him, then Parshuram said , only a ” Kshatriya” can take pain while ignoring his own Pain

Also BJP must not be Ashamed of 4 Varna System…

Promoting Buddhist Mayawati, Ambedkarites were harming “Dharma”, 4 Varna System is the biggest truth for a big Population.

U.P Public expect BJP to defend like a “Kshatriya” ,else punish it !

So by 2022,BJP must groom,promote,train , Groom Shazia Ilimi as a “Brahmin”, Respected by all.

Create 20% Vote-base in Muslims, which will be like the Upper Caste in Muslims.


Rest 80% Muslims who will vote for SP/BSP/Congress will ask Reservations ! from BJP’s 20% Muslim Voters !

Inject 20% versus 80% in Muslims ! Sanatan 4 Varna System Comes naturally in huge population.

Make Indian Muslim Women Powerful instead of Mayawati or Sagarika/Barkha types.

Muslim Women will help you eliminating the Buddhist Leftist Cancer Harming India & “Dharma” since 2500 yrs .

Congress-Samajwaadis-Left etc are all Mutants of the same Buddhist Cancer ,but only Indian Muslim Women ! They have Hindutva Touch !

Rest e.g Pakistani Begums are just to soothe other body parts  given by God !

Also like Lord Krishna used Bheem’s Power to challenge “Adharmi” Jarasandh for ‘Mall-Yudh” & got him eliminated from Magadh without hurting the Masses .

A Strong Indian Muslim Women will do the same to the Arabs ?

U.P must be build into Trillion Dollar Economy

Trust Modi Govt to generate Jobs & Progress Uttar Pradesh to make it a trillion Dollar Economy !

U.P rising and Moving-On from Casteism, Kabeer ☺,Behenji,Lalla ji, petty smalltime Leadership is like a Sleeping Giant waking up ,

U.P will Disrupt from Korea to Indonesia including China -Japan

U.P has to make China Greater U.P

Jai Uttar Pradesh ! It will be Defence Hub & a Trillion Dollar Economy under Modi-Yogi combine.

Dont fall for Casteist Jokers or Media who make Flower showering on poor Kanwariys as biggest threat !.

U.P can absorb all the Tamil Brahmins,against whom the self proclaimed Atheists promoted Hatred and looted Real Estate even after their Death !

Nirmala is smart & loyal to her state? She sneaked 1 Defence Corridor for Tamil Nadu even when BJP got 0 seat there ! And she is not even MP there

Same Fire U.P must have ! World is Changing, Xi-Ping became Emoeror. China turning Hindu Rashtra after Crushing Jehadis & Church !I

India has luckily Crushed Maoism both ideologically & militarily, If Maoism is defeated, Xi-Ping will turn Strong, and China will be Hindu-Rashtra !

At this spot U.P has to Step-Up, Make China Greater U.P ! It cant end satisfying Fantasies of Gandhians,Behen ji,Lalla ji,Media etc,etc

U.P reviving all Chandamama stories

Jai Uttar Pradesh ! Modi ji gave such good Railway Station to Varanasi.

Whatever U.P will do will be world class. U.P will disrupt World Politically,Religiously, Scientifically with its “Jugaad” Skils.

If you see post Lord Krishna, U.P was Sleeping mostly. “Discovery of India” writers stuck to it like Pests. A Backward,Caste focussed U.P was their fantasy. Mosi ji has awaken a Giant.


Govt must give “Shoot at Sight” order for such miscreants to RPF.

Few people just cant see anything good happening to Uttar Pradesh ,as their all “Discovery of India” Fantasies will be nullified.

U.P is waking up like a Giant after 5000 yrs of sleeping, its like a mega “Yajna”, will disrupt the World.


Great…Nitin Gadkari is like modern Bhaghirath. Modi ji is making all “Chandamama” stories come true.

Rajkapoor’s soul must be happy. He was a real Patriot and Sanghi and probably hated his own whole Clan 

Understand his pain, he cant abuse the ultra secular Nehruvian Bollywood or Congress. 
So he made ” Ram Teri Ganga Maili” against Congressis(Soft Hindutva) !

Only if Rajkapoor was alive and have seen the BJP Online Warriors,Modi ji and Clean Ganga !

U.P was trapped in Silly & Cheap things by Congress/SP/BSP


UP will lead the World in Education. It was a Conspiracy to stick Hindi to UP.

Hindi is not even 1000 yrs old. UP Politicians obsession with Hindi harmed. UP is World. USA will be Greater UP,so English has to be UP’s main language,not Hindi.

BJP ‘Bhakts’ have taught English to all UP.


UP in process of assimilating all Goodies of America & making it Greater UP. A Purifying ‘Yajna’ sort of thing. Keep 3rd World Slave Congis away from this. They will engage UP in Cheap stuff.

Caste was most stupid thing,UP ever put into by Congress/SP/BSP


Those with Congressi ‘Khujali’ of Caste Politics must see how did a Brahmin Criminal killed a harmless Brahmin CO

CO never does encounter,it’s STF,ATS etc which do. CO is close to Retirement with “Beti ki Shaadi,Bete ki Padhaayi” pains.

Congress/SP/BSP want to take UP back by silly stuff. UP the Giant,Holy Land of Ram/Krishna is rising after 5000 yrs under Modi/Yogi to lead the world.

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