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ॐ त्र्यम्बकं यजामहे सुगन्धिं पुष्टिवर्धनम्‌। उर्वारुकमिव बन्धनान्मृत्योर्मुक्षीय माऽमृतात्‌॥
“हरि अनंत हरि कथा अनंता। कहहिं सुनहिं बहुबिधि सब संता॥
रामचंद्र के चरित सुहाए। कलप कोटि लगि जाहिं न गाए॥”

वृन्दावनेश्वरी राधा कृष्णो वृन्दावनेश्वरः। जीवनेन धने नित्यं राधाकृष्णगतिर्मम ॥

Hindutva is the most abused Word in modern times. The way Media, Gandhian philosphy based parties have painted it to be only hatred for others, removing all the positive Connotations with it.

Hindutva is the Purification and Strengthening of Sanatan Dharma.. In parallel , Reviving the Political Component of it.

Effect of Buddhism has Weakened & Corrupted Sanatan Dharma to an irreversible point almost, De-Fanged of its Political component.

Hindutva is Lord Ram’s and Lord Krishna’s Ideology, which just sticks to the Path of Dharma, Hates only Evil and even bring Monkeys to Path of “Dharma” or punishes the Kaurvas.

Our attempt is to revive the 4 Varna based Thought-Process of Sanatan Society once more.. It touches all the dimensions viz Social, Religious,Political & Business.

**Disclaimer : Images are adapted from Net. We don’t claim their originality. For illustrative purpose only.

Editor’s Pick

My Maid refuses to cook Fish on Saturday  as she goes to Temple that Day ! She is a Non-Brahmin !

My most Telangana Maids or Drivers have been like that. Ultra “Bhakts” ! They have turned me Communal !

Contrary to what Leftists,Congress,Socialists etc Puke, Hinduism is actually OBC,Tribals and Dalits Stuff.

Upper Castes like myself are shallow and we can compromise with Dharma for materialistic pursuits.

Next Partition, if it happens Convert all the Congressis , there will be World Peace for thousands of yrs. No Sunil Dutt,IK Gujral,Jyoti Basu please !

I feel Tulsidas & Ramanand Sagar made Lord Ram’s and Lord Krishna’s Ideology a bit Cartoonish  else it was more Powerful & Lasting than even Communism..

Ram used to dominate from Arabia to Indonesia as a Loose Federation while just ruling Ayodhya  !

From ‘Ramallah’ to Indonesia  , lots of evidences ! While Krishna didn’t held any position of Power,but look at his influence and the changes he brought ! Krishna showed that, with applying brains & tact,u can bring big changes.

Hindutva is the mother of Communism

My old Delhi Maid called me after 4+ yrs along with her husband.
Told me that her daughter is growing up and I should attend her marriage !

Reason Modi ji focus on genuine Poor. They Love & Fight for you like Soviet Union. Middle Class is Dicey/Treacherous

Even our own Ram ji used to focus on genuine Poor.e.g Kevat,Shabri,Hanuman Ji

Reason I say that Hindutva is mother of Communism,reason in Tripura,others are just winning 1-2(0ut of 120+) seats after BJP came

As far as Maids are considered ,I have lived a Congressi Dream. From Brahmin,OBC to Muslims,Bangladeshi migrant to Goan Catholic (Bollywood style !) Diversity ?